Becoming More Interesting

I attended an event the other night called Women with Impact. It focused on women in the community who had made an impact in different areas – business, civic and community service. One woman, currently mayor of Bainbridge Island, spoke about when her children were younger and one asked her not to go out to another meeting. Her daughter piped up and told her brother that by attending these meetings “mommy would be so much more interesting.”

This story rang true to me as earlier that evening as I prepared to head out to the event, Lucy cried “no meeting, Momma. Momma stay.” It’s heartbreaking to hear such things, but I knew I would enjoy the evening out (and I did). Getting out, meeting new people and being inspired by others are just a few of the reasons I choose to participate in community groups, even if it does mean the occasional evening away from my family.

Read more about why I joined some of these groups and why I think it is important for me to do it at Liberating Working Moms




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  9. Dang girl! This post was AWESOME!I visited the Shu counter at the downtown Nordie’s not too long ago and remember feeling so intimidated by the lashes. But your no-fear attitude has inspired me to go give them another gander. I wonder what my family will say one I rock one of those bad boys to my auntie’s wedding next weekend?!

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