School is Back in Session

School is Back in Session: How Many Extracurriculars are Best?Our kids are too young for real school. Lila is in preschool, but still at the same day care center she’s attended since she was 4 months old. So in theory, “back to school” season isn’t that big a deal for us, it is just business as usual. But fall has brought new classes and schedules for us and for the girls.

We consciously took the summer off from all classes. We wanted to be able to have our weekends free to do whatever we wanted, we traveled and we thought the girls might like the break. Lila would ask every weekend when ballet was beginning again, towards the end of the summer suggesting that we just stop by the ballet studio to see if classes had begun yet.

This fall both girls are in gymnastics, Lila is also in ballet and catechism classes. When we enrolled Lila in ballet, I suggested that we try it instead of gymnastics, but she protested. So we’re trying both. She seems to be doing ok and enjoying the busy Saturday morning that having both classes provides. Lucy is growing less shy in her class and really seems to have fun playing on the equipment. We split up the classes – one parent with Lila and one with Lucy, so the schedule also gives each of us one on one time with the girls.

Because our weekly schedule is pretty go, go, go, I do get concerned that having the girls in class on the weekends is too much for their schedule (not to mention mine and A’s). I worry that we’re scheduling their weekends too much, forcing them to get up and get out on the weekends as they have to do during the week. Many other parents talk about not wanting to over schedule or rush on the weekend, and it makes me question our choices for our daughters’ weekends. But the thing is they like it. Lila missed classes over the summer and it works for us. (And let’s be honest, class or no class, no one sleeps past 7am on Saturdays, so getting out for a 9am class is not that big a rush compared to week days.)

So we keep doing what works for our family. Three classes on Saturday mornings and one on Sundays. We don’t put a lot of pressure on ourselves; if someone is sick or tired, we don’t go to class. If we want to go to the farmers’ market or just lay around in our pjs and watch football, sounds good. I do need to remind myself that while what we are doing now works for us, that doesn’t mean adding more is a good idea. The call of swim lessons or foreign language is out there, but I remind myself that ALL of us need a break, some unscheduled time and a chance to practice doing nothing.



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