Earning a Relaxing Veterans Day

Veterans Day is always a funny day for me. The appreciation for those of us who chose to join the military is nice – as is the free cupcakes and coffee. The overabundance of commercialization of the day bothers me some – camouflage on every football uniform and other feel good actions. The day makes me humble as well; while I am a veteran, I didn’t deploy, served a short period of time and didn’t do anything spectacular to earn the title.

But my favorite thing about Veterans Day is that I am the only one who has it off. I mean, the postman has it off too, but A works, day care is open and I have it off. The past two years I have protected this day, not filled it with must dos or errands. A day to enjoy my coffee while it is still warm. To shop without toddlers and yes, eat cupcakes.

Today I enjoyed my Veterans Day bagel, followed by my Veterans Day coffee, while catching up on all those emails that I’ve been snoozing for a week. Then I had a massage. Now, I’m not complaining, but this was the most intense massage I’ve ever had. Things clicked – is your back supposed to click? I am so sore after this massage that I’ve taken two hot showers and am sitting with a heating pad on my back. A massage is a lovely thing, this one was just perhaps a little too much of a lovely thing.

Veterans Day always come at a time when I really need it. In the middle of the hectic fall, before the (official) start of the holiday season. Overall, Veterans Day 2014 was a success, relaxing and helped prepare me for the coming weeks – but already leaves me dreaming about Veterans Day 2015.



  1. Sounds like a nice day! Hope you enjoyed it. :)

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