Thanksgiving Preparations (or Lack Thereof)

I am aware that Thanksgiving in the time of the Pilgrims was probably pretty difficult. I mean, finding and killing a turkey. Growing everything you were going to eat. Staying alive until the holiday. You know, stuff. But there are things that we have to deal with that they did not. Namely, Pinterest.






Pinterest can be great – recipes, crafts to do with the kids, attractive wreaths for the front door. Look at this stuff:

Baby Rabies Thom Turkey Wreath

Pounds 4 Pennies Family Thanksgiving Crafts


Averie Cooks Caramel Apple Crumble Pie

These all look awesome. Each post promises that the craft or recipe is easy. But here’s the catch. I’m not crafty. I’m not a great cook or baker. Remember these? 

For example, I had this great picture in my head this weekend that I would bake with the girls. All of the baking mixes I had (so yeah, I’m using baking mixes to start) were expired. Like 3 years past the expiration date expired. Then I thought we’d make chocolate chip cookies from scratch. We have no flour. Ok. A suggests using the pancake/baking mix – which yes, has a chocolate chip cookie recipe. Yada yada yada, I burn the cookies. Badly. You can see how fancy meals or handmade pie crusts are not really in my repitore.

So Thanksgiving for me is a time of hope – this is the year I will get it together. I will make handprint turkeys with the kids to save for years to come. I will make place cards for every guest, properly gilded in gold. I will have new recipes that seem like I’ve been making them for years. My pies will not burn.

But let’s be honest. My cookies burn. I don’t do crafts. I’ll buy my pumpkin pie at Costco. I’ll make the same tried and true side dishes for Thanksgiving and I’ll let the Dora plates indicate who will be sitting where at dinner.



  1. Ditto !In my young married/mom life up to now,I am not crafty or a fab/fancy baker.However,my Sarah is all of the above.Who knows???

  2. Ha! In a world where everyone seems creative, crafty and Top Chef-worthy (THANKS PINTEREST), it’s comforting to know there are others out there who are lacking in those areas. I am 32 years old and if I want to make a dish or bake a dessert for a holiday, I still have to go to my mom’s house so she can supervise. Sigh.

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