The awesome makers of GoldieBlox made an even awesomer Rube Goldberg machine

I love everything about this. I supported GoldieBlox when they first started on Kickstarter because I love the idea of toys that don’t play down to girls. I think it can be a scary world, raising two kids in a Tinkerbell/princesses world. (Did you know that if reminded of their gender at the start of a math test, like checking a male or female box, girls do worse on the tests then when gender is not raised. The subconscious thought that girls are bad at math is thought to sabotage their performance.) And while I support Lila’s (and eventually Lucy’s, of course) choice to dress in a tutu and spin around the room, I love that this toy also lets them build and be engineers and awesome in ways that don’t involve finding princes.

So watch this awesome video and then go buy GoldieBlox for everyone on your holiday list.

via The awesome makers of GoldieBlox made an even awesomer Rube Goldberg machine.

Google Guilt

Have you seen these Google commercials?  They all make me feel really bad about how I use the Interwebs.  I mean, I’m not watching porn or anything, but there is a lot more Internet shopping and ready of the Fug Girls then there is writing letters to my daughter.  And if this commercial teaches us anything it is that 1) my little girl will be big and grown before I know it and 2) good parents use Google to remember every detail of their child’s life and I’ve already ruined LC’s childhood by not making the most of the toolbox Google has to offer me.

Sigh.  Maybe if I Google “how to be a better parent” there is still time to save this thing.

PS am I the only one who is sobbing uncontrollably by the end of the commercial?  It is probably just the mommy-Google guilt.

Commercial Appeal, kind of

A series of commercials I’ve always found amusing is the M&Ms with the little personified candies.  They are adorable and silly, but at the same time it does sort of make me wonder what they were thinking when they developed this ad campaign.  Clearly their goal is make people want M&Ms and to buy and then eat them.  So I have to wonder whether it is a good idea to make people think of each M&M as having a personality.  I find the yellow M&M delightful – and so I will buy a bag of peanut M&Ms and eat them all?  It’s a little bizarre.

All that said, I find the newest M&Ms delicious and their ad campaign silly (if not a little risque.)  Pretzel M&Ms are delightful and I encourage everyone to try them.  I think the pretzel to chocolate ratio is a little off, but overall I think they are a pretty perfect snack.

The commercial features the newest member of the M&M family, the orange pretzel M&M.  It finds the M&M and a pretzel in a lab, waiting to “make the magic happen.”  Orange looks at the plans and states that there is “no way you are putting that thing inside of me.”    Not only does the commercial make me giggle, I feel a certain solidarity with the M&M lately.

As many of our readers know, A and I are expecting our first child in early March.  Every online pregnancy site likes to inform you week by week what size your baby currently is by comparing it to a fruit.  At the beginning, it is quite exciting to learn what size your baby is.  While the arrival of each new week is still very exciting and we know how blessed we are to have a healthy growing baby – as the fruit gets bigger each week there is a center feeling of “there is no way you are putting that thing inside of me.”  Yesterday’s “fruit bulletin” informed me that our baby was the size of a mango.  (The previous week was a sweet potato which some may argue is bigger than a mango, but it is all approximation.)  The thing I’ve learned over the past couple weeks is that a mango or an onion or a sweet potato takes up a lot more room in ones body than say, a poppy seed.  And while, I love the little “fruit” inside of me, there definitely is a feeling of being as stuffed like a pretzel M&M as the weeks continue.

Commercial Appeal

The last time I did a commercial appeal post I was pleasantly surprised to find so many people had strong feelings regarding commercials.  I think it is surprising too since so many of us watch tv on some sort of DVR device, thereby eliminating commercials completely.  Sometimes commercials are annoying – like Erica and her Toyota or my new pet peeve, skeevy State Farm guy who thinks he is soooo cool and has all the answers.  (I am very happy with my insurance coverage but if I were shopping for new insurance, these commercials would guarantee that I never use State Farm.  Because the guy is annoying.  And swarmy.  And annoying.  Ugh.)   Then there are other commercials that you stop the DVR to watch.

However, my favorite commercial right now?  I saw it last night while watching the preseason Patriots game (Go Pats!  And have you seen my Tommy’s hair?  That is a post just waiting to happen.  Anyway, focus, commercials.)   It is a new Geico commercial and it made me laugh out loud.

Normally I have a love/hate relationship with the newer Geico commercials. 

1) I love the actor, Mike McGlone. It is a complicated love.  It starts with the movie, She’s the One, which I love and think is underrated.  In the movie he plays Francis, or Frannie.  I think he looks like Billy Donovan, coach of Florida basketball.  And so I call Billy Donovan “Frannie” and have an odd love for Florida basketball, Joakim Noah not withstanding.  When I first saw him in the commercials, I felt bad.  Actually A and I were watching tv in bed, we saw the commercial he told me it was Frannie and I said it wasn’t and then there was an iPhone race to see who could prove who wrong first.  I was wrong.  So then proven wrong, I felt bad that Frannie was making Geico commercials.  Then I learned how much money he is making for these commercials and I think he is doing ok.

2)  The commercials are on ALL THE TIME.  And with live tv season coming (i.e. football and college basketball) you need to be careful.  Remember when $5 footlongs started?  Or what was the car sale commercial that was on ALL FOOTBALL SEASON two years ago?  It had a song.  It was UBER annoying.  Anyway, these commercials have the possibility of going there.  But there is no annoying song and there is some variety.  So there is hope. 

So my love of Frannie, combined with my not so love of Joakim Noah, the tendency for these commercials to be on too often and the threat of prime live tv time coming up, this latest commercial still pushed me completely into the I love it territory.  Have you seen it?  It is the sort of commercial that made me stop and stare at it, giggle, and then rewind and watch it all over again.  I think it is adorable and clever.  And I give Frannie all the credit.  Go Gators!