Mission Complete

At the start of this month I took the NaBloPoMo challenge – that is the National Blog Post a day for a Month.  I am proud to have completed the challenge and published a post every day of the month of November.  Sure, some of the posts were like this but they weren’t all like that.  I definitely feel like the experiment made me a better blogger – learning that blogging is almost always better than not blogging, reaching for some new topics and hopefully providing some interesting content for my readers.

So thanks for sticking around for the month.  I may not keep up with a new post a day, but I promise to keep posting more regular content and I hope you will keep checking us out.

Gift Ideas

I love buying gifts.  I’m one of those people who sees something in June and picks it up to put aside for a Christmas gift.  (I am also the person who forgets that she has done this or where she put the gift.)  I have so many gifts for A already, that I have to forbid myself from even looking at more items he may like.  I seemed to have chosen one of the hottest toddler gifts for LC since the price is always rising and it is sold out many places.  (Psst, it is this:  Playskool Step Start Walk ‘n Ride, don’t tell her.) 

But then there are always people I’m not sure what to get.  People who seem to have everything or at least need nothing.  Do you get them another scarf?  A gift card?  Socks?  I’ve identified the hot new toy for the 12 month set – what about the others on my list?  What is the hot new item for everyone this year?  What are you getting everyone on your list?

PS For now, I’ve decided the hot item this year is a blanket.  I’ve bought 3 of these so far.  I’m not afraid to buy more if it comes to it.

First Christmas Gifts

I have many mixed feelings about LC’s first Christmas, but I know one thing for sure, Santa is bringing her this gift.

Ready for some football

Today we proved that LC is definitely mine and A’s child and that she is indeed a Seattle child.

We took LC to her first NFL game today – Redskins v. Seahawks.  It rained almost the entire time but LC did not cry or complain once.  In fact, she smiled and even napped.  See here, the picture of a content Skins fan. (Doesn’t the baby ear protection just slay you?  And can you see her teeth??) I don’t know if it is her genetic love of football or her tough Seattle skin that kept her so happy in spite of the weather.

Against almost all odds, the Redskins pulled out the victory.  No really. Rex Grossman even threw a FIFTY YARD touchdown.  So we were not only trespassers in the enemy’s camp, but then our team had to go and win.  No one minded because LC was so happy and adorable.  She is quite the flirt.  But honestly, everyone was so nice.  I kept telling A that I didn’t know people could be so nice at a football game.  So thank you to the season ticket holders of Seattle for being awesome.

 LC and A during a particularly tense moment in the game.  

A photo of what we hope was Graham Gano’s last kick as a Redskin.  He had two blocked kicks today.  TWO BLOCKED KICKS.  (Apparently it won’t be that difficult to have LC fufill my dream of her being an NFL place kicker because Graham Gano certainly proves it takes little to no talent. )

Books of a Lifetime

We recently discovered an adorable children’s book store not too far from our house and we’ve been having a lot of fun bringing LC there.  I have yet to visit without buying something, the last time I bought several books for under the Christmas tree.  Looking through the book shelves, I am reminded of some of the great books I enjoyed as a child.  (A claims he was not read to as a child.  I’m sure this isn’t true, but this is why he does not have any favorite children’s books listed here.)

Panda Cake is one of my all time favorites.  I knew the poem by heart when I was little and remember taking it out of the library over and over again.  (I can still remember on which shelf in the library it could be found.) It is out of print, but my Dad found a copy for me a few years ago and now I can share it with LC.

Make Way For Ducklings is a no brainer.  Every good New England child knows and loves this book. Our trip back East for the holidays will take us through Boston and I will have to take LC to visit the Mallard family statue for sure.

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day is still a little old for LC, but is one I look forward to her reading.  I remember reciting the title to the book and enjoying how silly it was.  The fact that Alexander’s day wasn’t so terrible was probably lost on me when I was little, but I hope LC enjoys it and sees its many layers :)

The Monster at the End of this Book was my little brother Scott’s favorite book when he was younger.  (He’s 24 now and probably not that into Grover anymore.)  We actually have this book on the iPad and LC loves it.  For such a young baby, it really holds her attention.  I look forward to her understanding the book better and giggling along with Grover’s hysterics as Scott used to do.

Moo Baa La La La is a book we discovered only with the birth of LC.  Friends of ours sent us this and another Sandra Boynton book.  With all the board books out there for children LC’s age, Sandra’s books have become our favorites.  Moo Baa La La La is a big hit with LC and is easy enough that we quickly memorized it.  So now when LC is throwing a fit in the car on the way home at night, we can recite the book’s silly words to her and (usually) she calms down.

Those are just a few of my favorite books that we’ve shared, or look forward to, sharing with LC.  What are some of your favorite children’s books?  With many more trips to the book store in our future, we could always use suggestions.

ETA:  I’ve been informed that A enjoyed A Child’s Garden of Verses and Peter Pan when he was younger, two works I am sure LC will enjoy too.

Turkey Tally

While our Thanksgiving was small and informal, there was much food to be had. 
5lbs of turkey breast
2 trays of stuffing
1 very large squash casserole
12 rolls
1 bag of cole slaw
1 wheel of brie
6 cinnamon rolls
2 pies
2 bottles of wine
I won’t reveal which of the following made it to leftover status.  I also won’t reveal how many sticks of butter went into cooking these delicious dishes.  Like I said yesterday, our Thanksgiving may have been small, but it was definitely mighty.

A Perfect Thanksgiving

There were no holiday themed place settings or tablecloths.

In fact, there was no tablecloth at all. 


There was no silver or fancy dresses, just a mismatch of serving plates and some comfy yoga pants.

There was turkey.


Babies who love turkey, and

 DSC03572beagles who would really, really, really like some turkey.


And it was perfect.  I couldn’t ask for anything more.


Happy Thanksgiving from the Two Washingtons family!

On the Move!

Things I Love About Living in Seattle

There is such thing as a “domestic duck”.

Agile Pets

Cal is a very agile dog.  He has been doing agility for over a year now and has moved up to the highest level of classes offered at the Seattle Humane Society.  He excels at many obstacles, especially that weave poles.  His weaknesses on the courses are 90% of the time due to handler error, with the exception of the turkey incident from last weekend.


However, having spent all this time and energy with Cal, I just learned that we may be neglecting another agile pet.  Cat agility is apparently not just a thing, but becoming popular. This article, which is very enjoyable, pointed to many exciting YouTube videos, which I will share with you now.