Come and Knock On Our Door

When trying to decide what to do with my Monday night my options were walk up to the main drag of our neighborhood and get a pedicure, or take photos of the house and post them to the blog.  Because I love you, dear readers, I chose to let my toes go untended to and that posting photos was more important. 

A caveat before you see the photos – these are not staged real estate photos so there is stuff on the counters, unpacked boxes and a half made bed.  In short, they aren’t perfect but they are a pretty good portrait of what our new home looks like on a daily basis.  I also think at least one pet appears in almost every photo – kind of like Where’s Waldo. 

So welcome to our home, thanks for your support through the move and maybe tomorrow I’ll post photos of my pretty toes.


Here is our home, complete with our car in the driveway.  As you can see, the sun is setting behind the house, meaning our house faces east and receives wonderful morning sun.

To the left is a closer view of the steps to our front yard and door.  On the right is our Japanese maple tree that provides shade to our front yard.  Many people have commented how lucky we are to have such a large and beautiful Japanese maple and we are excited to see it turn purple/brown this fall.

If you come up the stairs and walk to the left of the house, towards the back of the house, you reach our side yard, which is to the left.  Through that back gate is the backyard, complete with a “playground” as the young guests at our housewarming called the swing set in the backyard.  The backyard is also good for playing fetch with a beagle.  If you walk past the swingset, you get to the other side of the house and a path that leads to the driveway, as well as the side door to the kitchen and the downstairs door to the office.

Back at the front of the house, this is the front yard – looking towards the street.  Walk up those stairs on the left and you get to our front deck.  To the left is the deck looking towards the house, the right is looking out towards the street.  The grill is in the one corner not captured in either photo. That long black thing is Cal’s leash, not a snake.  No snakes here.  All of this brings you here:  our front door.


This is the view as you walk into the front door and enter the main living area.  B-Cat is even there to welcome you!

To the left of the front door is the window nook or conversation area.  Or as the pets would prefer us to call it, Cal and B-Cat’s corner.  They love to sit side by side, each in their own chair and wait for us to come home.  You can see Cal waiting for his dad to get off the bus and come home in this picture.  He is waiting very patiently. 

Just beyond the “nook” is the fireplace.  This picture has terrible perspective but you can tell it is a fireplace.  It is in the center of the room on the left side, and no, we are not using it as our design focal point.  It just didn’t make sense for the type of room we wanted.  The previous owners had filled the fireplace with rocks and have tea lights in it.  FYI – beagles like to eat rocks.  So we will be changing that out soon and probably using it as a traditional fireplace this winter.

Directly opposite the fireplace are these bookshelves and wine bar.  I love this piece in our living room and we spent a lot of time picking out the right books to display out here.  I will have to do a whole post just on the bookcase one day because I think we did a nice job representing “us” on it.  If you could zoom in here, you would see the tequila and triple sec left over from our margaritas this weekend.  I point it out only because A bought “Montezuma” triple sec and it really amuses me.  No one complained though, and the ‘ritas were a hit.

If you were to turn to the left after entering the front door, you would enter the dining room, pictured here.  I couldn’t get the wall color to come through very well, it is a light green.  I thought I really hated the color, but it has grown on me.  I think it looks good with our honey colored dining room set.  The bookshelf to the left holds cookbooks.  Just before that bookshelf is a door which leads to . . . .

The kitchen.  Ta da.  This is a shot from the doorway from the dining room.  To the immediate right is the door to the outside.  Past the refrigerator on the left is a door that leads to the living room.  Both the dining room and the living room doors have pocket doors, so you can close off the kitchen if necessary.  I love the backsplash colors, which is also behind the sink.  I also love the island workspace that looks out to the window.  And I love love love my hanging pot rack above the workspace.

Through the living room (past the glass half wall if you look back at the first living room photo) is a hallway.  Immediately to your right is the bathroom. It is the guest bathroom and it is inhabited by monkeys.  More photos of this room (and the rest of the house) will be in the picasa album.

Continuing down the hall, also on the right is a closet, then two rooms at the end of the hall.  One is a guest room (with the queen bed) and the other is “in progress” and will one day be a child’s room (the one with yellow walls).  (Do not pay attention to the boxes.  They are not really there.  Oh, and clearly I don’t iron my sheets. But if you visit, I promise I will.)

Back down the hall there is a pantry and then there is a staircase.  Down the stairs and to the right is the master suite. Which is “lived in” at the moment.  I wasn’t sure if I would like having the master suite downstairs, but I suppose it really is no different then having it upstairs, just a different direction to walk.  It is actually a nice retreat, to be below it all.  The walls are Tiffany blue and it has the softest brown carpet (on which orange cat hair shows up surprisingly well).  That door to the right is our walk in closet.  There is another closet opposite the foot of the bed.

When the previous owners redid the downstairs to create this master suite, they had to be sure it had a separate exit to be considered a bedroom.  (If you watch HGTV you know about this rule.)  So there is a large “escape” window in our room that we can climb out of in case of fire.  They created a “zen garden” outside and it is very cute.

To the right of the walk in closet is the master bathroom and one of my favorite rooms in the house.  When making our list of wants when looking at houses, this bathroom was on it but I thought I would never be able to find a house that had it and fit our other more important needs.  We were very lucky.  The bathroom is the reverse color scheme of the bedroom, brown walls and blue accents.

Through the bathroom is the laundry room – or B-Cat’s private sanctuary. 

If you returned to the stairwell from the upper level and took a left instead of a right, you would reach a hallway.  There is a utility/storage room in the first door on the right, and the laundry room is at the end of the hall (with the kitty door).  The second door to the right is the office/fourth bedroom.

The office is also a work in progress.  The pale wood to the right are all closet doors, leading to a ton of storage space.  To the left is the desk (you can see the desk chair) and a futon in the background.

In this picture to the right, I am facing towards the hallway, so you can see the desk area better – as well as the tv hidden away in the tv cove.

So that’s our home.  Thanks for taking the tour.  One day I hope to be fully moved in and settled.  But for now everything that I need on a daily basis is unpacked and in usable condition and I even threw a party with it looking like this – and you know what, no one seemed to care.  Speaking of not caring, here is a beagle who has clearly reached his teenage years – he is rolling his eyes as his mother asks him to do something.  Or more likely stop doing something like pull blankets out of the closet.  Ah, youth. 



  1. lovely home

  2. Looks beautiful!

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  3. Your house is a very, very, very fine house.

  4. I *love* house tours! Thanks for sharing! And welcome home. :-)

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