Knock, knock. . . housekeeping

I wanted to take a moment to take care of a few housekeeping matters here at Two Washingtons.

1 – Thank you thank you thank you for being amazing readers!  Your comments, whether on the blog, on Facebook, on Twitter, or by email, mean so much to me, A, Cal and B-Cat.  As we reach the end of the summer, it is hard to believe all that we have accomplished.  Our last day of work in DC was the Friday before Memorial Day and this whole summer has been consumed by packing, moving, driving, finding jobs, starting jobs, buying a home and unpacking.  (The unpacking not quite done yet.)  It is easy to be discouraged by the fact that our summer disappeared into these chores.  But looking at all that has changed and best of all how easy those changes have come amazes us – and we know we could not have done it without the help of family and old and new friends.  So thank you for your words of encouragement and congratulations and most of all, for being there for all of this crazy summer.

2 – In response to the previous post, Wear Your College Colors Day was a success in our household.  A chose to wear an evil empire undergrad shirt and a Cal hat.  I wore red sandals to celebrate my true alma mater and a Cal shirt to show my football allegiance.  There were a lot of reasons why I ended up with this, but I think most of all I thought it important working for a rival PAC 10 school, I needed to make my alliances known early on.

3 – Cal and B-Cat have been loving Seattle – the cooler weather, the amazing dog parks, the wonderful windows our house has for bird and neighbor viewing.  They are still showing their support for Seattle homeless pets in the Seattle Humane Society Walk for Animals on Sept. 26.  As always your support has been wonderful and we are already almost 40% to our goal of raising $200 for the Seattle Humane Society.  Please help out and donate to Team Two Washingtons and help Cal and B-Cat reach their fundraising goal.  We promise to reward you with adorable photos of beagles in bandanas looking proud as they walk for charity. 

4 – I’ve updated the Picasa albums with more photos of our home (complete with captions) and photos of more summer adventures here in Seattle, so please check it out.  The links are on the right.

Thanks for making this summer so amazing – it really had a lot of places things could have gone wrong, but it has been a wonderful, crazy ride and we are so glad you could be a part of it.  Stay tuned for our first fall and winter in Seattle – we may talk a big game but how will we really handle all that rain??



  1. Couldn't agree more–thanks, everyone!


  2. I have enjoyed following your blog. My husband and I live near D.C. and we are planning a move to Seattle in the next two or three years. I can't get enough of your photos and stories about Seattle. Look forward to reading more.

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