Wear Your Colors Day – What’s a Girl to Do??

Tomorrow is Wear Your College Colors Day, in honor of the start of college football season.  I think it is a fun idea, but I am completely conflicted as to what color I should be wearing tomorrow.  Maybe you, dear Reader, can help me sort it out.

Blue/White – I was raised in a small, Northeastern college town called Storrs.  That’s right Home of the Huskies.  They are pretty great.  They win a lot of things.  They are my true sports love.  The team I cheered for once I had an awareness that there were sports for which to cheer.  I remember listening to the early afternoon Big East games in my fifth grade classroom, a reward for the class being well behaved in the morning.  That same year I remember my heart being broken when an evil, evil empire destroyed the dreams of a small town – that’s right Christian Laettner, my hatred for you remains.  Forever.  (More on the importance of this in the bigger picture of my life/marriage in a later post.)  When the UConn Men won their first NCAA basketball championship in 1999 I cried so hard that my college roommate called others to come to our room, convinced something must be wrong.  The Huskies have brought me many tears throughout the years – more tears of joy at the first ever Men’s/Women’s National Championships in 2004 and lots of tears of sadness when a season with so much hope is dashed away in a never to be forgotten Elite Eight loss (that’s right team that will not be named.  My hatred for you runs as deep as my hatred for Laettner.)  All of this emotional involvement and 25 some odd years of fandom makes blue and white my team colors.  But it isn’t my college.  Does this mean I can’t wear the National Flag Blue tomorrow??

Red/White – My alma mater dear, Fairfield University.  I am a proud Stag.  I know without a doubt that my college made me the person I am today and the decision to attend school here put me on the path which brought me to my life today.  I also know without a doubt that Fairfield is a school striving to live the Jesuit ideals.  They are not a school striving to win a national championship.  They do not have a football team.  Our basketball team has continued to show promise, but they are a long way away from the national stage.  Do I wear my college colors to show my pride in the Stags and the Jesuit ideal and my thanks for all the school has made me?  Or do I acknowledge this is all about sports pride and the red and white just isn’t going to cut it?

Red/Green – I attended Washington University in St Louis for law school.  Again, a decision I am entirely glad to have made and one that definitely lead me to my husband, let alone prepared me for my legal career.  Honestly though, they are DIII.  I never attended a sporting event and the only way sports impacted me at law school was when the parking lot was full on Saturday mornings when people attended football games (and made it difficult for me to get to the library) or when the volleyball games shut down the gym.  Also, it’s hard to pull of red and green in September.  It is just not seasonally appropriate.  Sorry WUSTL Bears, I think you are out of the running.

Blue/Gold – A attended UC-Berkeley for grad school.  We were dating at the time and I spent a decent amount of time on campus and attended several football games.  Neither of us attended undergrads with large football programs (and at the time UConn was still developing) so we really enjoyed the big time football atmosphere.  Going to the Big Game was an amazing sports experience, even if in the big picture it was not a game that mattered.  In big time college football, I cheer for Cal – Go Bears!  And if wear your college colors day is all about big time college football, should I be showing my allegiance to the Bears?  Would my dog, Cal, forgive me if I didn’t?

Purple – I currently work at yet another university – University of Washington.  In fact, it was their campus wide email that made me coocoo for cocoa puffs enough to write this post.  The email asked that tomorrow, on wear your college colors day, we all wear purple.  Because we work for UW.  Because UW is seeking revenge against the evil BYU in their season opener.  Because it’s Jake Locker’s last year.  Because who in Seattle doesn’t yell Go Huskies on Saturdays??  This is enough to push me over the edge.  I have no room for purple.  I already cheer for a Husky (he is all white with one blue eye and one brown, not the gray and white of the UW Husky.)  I already cheer for a PAC 10 team and the addition of two more teams in the upcoming year will not change that.  I just don’t think I have room for another color in my life, so I’m sorry UW I just don’t think I can rock the purple tomorrow. 

So where does that leave me?  A lifelong UConn fan.  A devoted Fairfield alum.  A WUSTL attorney. A Cal Bears football fan whose dog cheers “Go Bears” so adorably and learned how to “Give me 10” in time for football celebrations this season.  A UW employee still trying to fit in at a new job. What do I declare to the world tomorrow are “my colors”? 



  1. Got to say..go withthe UCONN Blue & White, you first and longest College sports addiction. But in a tokien nod to Fairview U wear one red & one white sox.
    Go Huskies (noone has to know which huskies)

  2. Ha! Where Crimson and Grey (WSU) just to mess with your co-workers. Go Cougs!

  3. Blue & Gold baby!

    -Colin C

  4. Come catch the spirit, Fairfield U.
    For all to hear it, Fairfield U.
    Red and White will always conquer,
    Go for the winner 'till the end, and so we’ll
    Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight for Fairfield U.,
    Each day and night our hearts will be true,
    And all across the land we'll always stand by Fairfield U.
    And all across the land we'll always stand by Fairfield U!

  5. Blue and white!!! The team that holds your heart and was obviously the beginning of your sports love affair. Seriously, if a team losing makes you cry like a man leaving you than your choice is already made!

  6. I chose to mix and match today (ugrad shirt, grad hat) and L made an interesting choice about what school to go with. It might surprise some of you…


  7. In your current condition I would say available wardrobe would dictate over allegance.

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