Comfy Couch Days

The holidays have caught up to me, despite the fact that they really just arrived.  Our November has been jammed pack with travel, work, visitors, SNOW and yes, turkey.  Yesterday was our first real holiday in our home and I think it went rather well.  When we bought the house our number one concern was the size of the kitchen, which was smaller than we had hoped.  However, we cooked 15lbs of turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, squash casserole, stuffing, gravy, Toll House Pie and pumpkin custard without a problem yesterday. I was proud of our little kitchen, as well as the cooking/planning/calculating skills of A and me.

As mentioned above we have had unseasonably cold and snowy weather here in the Emerald City.  It began snowing Sunday night and by Monday night we had two inches and impassable roads.  It took us approximately 2 hours to drive 5 miles from work to home.  I had two snow days (Tues and Wed), so we worked from home.  As I am about to turn the corner from second to third trimester,  the extra days of wearing sweatpants and move at a slower pace is much appreciated.  Unfortunately for our guests, A’s parents in from the Other Washington,  the snow has reduced the ability to site see and explore Seattle, but they did enjoy Northgate Mall, not to mention our day of culinary indulgence yesterday.

Tomorrow A and his mom will head to Portland to watch the Evil Empire take on the Ducks.  I will brave the Black Friday Weekend crowds at Babies R Us.  Keep me in your thoughts.  Glider or bust, I say.   That or I will hang out in a Starbucks until the game is over.  We will see how the spirit hits me. 

Whatever plans you may have this weekend – eating leftovers, shopping at your favorite mail order online store or traveling, I hope you enjoy some rest and quiet time before it all begins again on Monday. 


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