It is a truth universally acknowledged that. . .

 – a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.

– Seattle weather is like child birth.  No matter how many days in a row it has rained, when the sun comes out you forget all about it.

– there are some people you will never please and eventually you will stop trying.

– even if you lose all the baby weight, you will still not fit in your clothes because your hips and boobs are just not the same anymore.

– just when you think you’ve figured out how to keep the cat in the house, she finds another way to sneak outside.

– when people say something to upset you, it is more about them then it is about you.  (I don’t know if this is universally acknowledged but A told me it yesterday and I heard it on Oprah once.  So for me A + Oprah = universally acknowledged.)

– when you think the baby has a schedule down, she decides that schedule is no longer to her liking.

– even if you look good in maternity skinny jeans, the same may not be true post-baby.

– middle America controls American Idol voting blocks.

– no matter how miserable and rainy your day has been, an infant wearing pandas on her feet will always make it better.   (sorry for the grainy cell phone pick, I just had to share the feeties!)

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