One Year!

Hard to believe but today marks one year since I started this blog.  As cliche as it sounds, we have come so far since that first post.  We both have jobs we enjoy, we have a house, we have a baby, we have friends and routines.  One year ago I couldn’t even figure out how we were going to close out our condo in Alexandria and get everything across the country – and the amazing thing?  We did.  We did close out the condo and move everything from one Washington to another.  We took one pet by land and one by air.  We lived in temporary housing for a month and found a house we loved immediately.  A started his job and I found one.  And soon, so very soon, after all of that, we found out we were pregnant, and well, you know how that ended up.

To be completely truthful, I do still miss our life in the Other Washington.  As the winter lingers here in Seattle, I miss it more as I long for sundresses and flip flops.  I miss my friends so much and would love to be able to join them for an impromptu dinner or glass of wine. With LC here, I wish my family were closer so they could meet her and see how much she has changed in the past 14 weeks and listen to her coo and talk.

But even with all of that, I do not regret moving to Seattle.  A once said that lots of couples talk about doing things, but we are the couple that does them.  I think he may have told me that while I was having a nervous breakdown while planning our wedding celebration, trying to decide why I needed to have a big party since we were already married.  Because we are the couple who does the things they talk about – we follow through on those plans, he told me.  We always said we’d live in Seattle,  have a dog to walk around Green Lake, go to the Beer Fest in the summer, complain about the rain in the winter, drink lots of coffee and listen to Nirvana. (OK, maybe we didn’t plan to do that last one.)

Our life here is so much more than we ever could have imagined it being and so much more than I hoped it would be one year ago.  I know last April when we made the decision to go West that we were giving up an amazing life in the Other Washington, but I am so glad we followed through on our plans to let this Washington show us what she’s got.



  1. It has been neat seeing Seattle through your blog. I never had any desire to see that city before….but now I do!

  2. Washington Woman says:

    Thanks, we love Seattle, especially on days like this when there is sun. I plan to refocus back on the city and our experiences in it in the coming months. LC has stolen Seattle's spotlight as of late.

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  3. findingchutzpah says:

    I hope this is our story one day!

  4. I hope we can do the same thing at some point in our lives too. We'd love to be closer to my family in New Jersey. We've talked about it a lot but haven't managed to swing it! You're my motivation!

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