After a weekend away with no vacuuming last weekend and house guests arriving next weekend, this weekend was circled in red on the calendar with the words “CLEAN HOUSE” scribbled all over.  We made a dent in the to do list and still had an enjoyable family weekend.

The biggest task we undertook and completed was finishing painting LC’s room.  While we kept the room the same color as it was when we purchased the house, we had removed some fixtures from the wall which left large unpainted areas.  Shortly after removing the fixtures, a baby unexpectedly arrived and painting took a back seat.  Only one more picture to hang and then I’ll finally post a tour of the nursery.

Another chore that I had been unable to find time to accomplish was finally taking all of my maternity clothes out of the drawers and putting them away, as well as general organization of my closets.  A helped me tackle this today and I think this will help reduce my stress in the mornings, since my clothes are organized and easier to find.

The never ending laundry and vacuuming continued today – thanks in large part to A getting up early and doing two loads of laundry while I slept in with LC.

Our house is probably not house guest ready yet, but I don’t think it looks like we’ve left B-Cat in charge of housekeeping anymore.  And some days you just have to take these small victories as they come.


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