Feeling Homesick at Home

LC and I put Grandma Dede on a plane back East today.  We know that she had to get back to her life on the East Coast, not to mention back to Grandpa Mark, but we were very sorry to see her go.  I’ve never been good at airport good-byes (I was definitely not a good candidate for a long distance relationship but we survived) but this recent visit and good bye really brought home how hard it can be living across the country from family and friends.

I love so many things about our life in the Emerald City and A and I are not contemplating another cross country move in the near future.  The big “but” in the sentence though is that we love so many things about living here but we really hate being so far from friends and family.  We’re currently trying to figure out our holiday plans – will we travel, when would we travel, would we try to see both families or one now and another later, how long would we stay – answering one question only raises ten more.  The idea of traveling with an almost 11 month old baby during the holidays definitely does not sound appealing, but spending the holidays at home with just the three of us sounds a little sad too.

A and I had both lived far away from family before and we knew it wouldn’t be easy when we moved to Seattle.  Today just happened to be one of those days that was more difficult than others and when the grass in the Other Washington seemed just a little bit greener.



  1. Maybe we should find a house in St. Louis that we all contribute to paying the rent on. Then everyone would only have to travel half as far and always have a place to stay. Then someday you can become a famous author by writing a book about the whole experience. You could call it "Meet Me in St. Louis" Think of how much LC would love the zoo.

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