Up in the Clouds

I have often told the story of visiting A when he first worked in Seattle (summer of 2006).  The weather seemed to always be beautiful that summer and I didn’t understand all the fuss about Seattle rain.  Every time I visited I would marvel at Mount Rainier and think how lovely it looked, high above the city (especially since it was so different than the mountains I lived on at the time in Colorado Springs.) 


When we returned to Seattle last year, people would speak about the “mountains being out” on a nice day.  I didn’t understand this statement – after all I had always seen Mount Rainier when visiting in 2006.  I soon came to understand that a truly nice day in Seattle would mean that all the mountains were visible – the Cascades, the Olympics and yes, Mount Rainier.

Mount Rainier is truly an amazing sight – it looks fake or as if it were made out of clouds.  Sometimes a grabbing a quick glimpse of the mountain may make you think that you imagined it, especially if the view disappears as it often does.  You can climb Rainier, ski on it, or ride a gondola to the top.  I’m hoping we can explore the mountain more this year and not just view it from afar. 

Having lived here for over a year now, I now appreciate what “the mountains are out” truly means.  We’ve had a lovely fall so far with lots of opportunity to see the mountains and appreciate the beautiful city in which we live. 



  1. That is absolutely gorgeous! I think that was the mountain we drove to the top of when I went to Seattle on choir tour. It was amazing… but snowy since it was February!

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