Last Minute Items

As it gets closer and closer to the holiday, I keep thinking of more and more things I need to get done by Christmas Eve.  Today I realized that there were some gifts that I thought about, but hadn’t actually purchased.  When a chewie shortage arose at our house, we had to use Cal’s stocking stuffer bag of flips, so I need to buy something to replace that.  B-Cat is hard to shop for since the dog steals her toys and her IBD means she can’t have treats.  It’s LC’s first Christmas so that clearly means she needs homemade gingerbread, sugar cookies, popcorn stringed garlands, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and I need to find matching pajamas for us to wear Christmas morning.  Oh, and that “reasonable” list of gifts to knit from a few months ago?  I’m 1.5 projects in with 3.5 projects to go.

It won’t all get done.  I’m pretty much ready to say that LC is too young for cookies and that gingerbread is a late Phase 3 item for this Christmas project.  Matching pajamas would be nice, but at this point I would settle for a slightly seasonal set of pajamas to go along with the snowmen ones we already bought LC.  The good thing about the passage of time is that it makes my to do list shorter – either through accomplishment or necessity.


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