A Very Merry Un-birthday to You

First, I would like to note that my baby is not yet one.  There are several days until this happens.  Please do not call her a one year old just yet.

Last week I had a work conference in the Other Washington, so we packed up the family and took some extra time to spend with friends and family.  The timing worked out well, a week before LC’s first birthday, so we celebrated early with our Other Washington crew. 

I didn’t make an organic cake from scratch or hand-make her outfit.  There was no special order invitations or party favors.  The theme of the party was “LC Turns One.”  Maybe that makes me a bad infant mom, but the pizza, beer, hummus, chips, and supermarket cake worked out just fine for our “un-birthday” celebration.  Besides, anything that produces photos like these can’t be that poorly planned. 

100_0644           100_0639

Cakes of all shapes and sizes (at least two shapes and sizes)




Checking out her glamour shots.



Being the birthday girl (or un-birthday girl) certainly has its privileges.



  1. Bad mommy? Never! LC will have TWO parties!

    Very happy unbirthday to her!

  2. It was a grand affair. Enjoyed by all who attended

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