Most Left than Right

There are moments when I begin to realize that I am becoming more West Coast and losing a bit of my East Coast-ness.  For instance, when in the Other Washington last month, I noticed how nicely everyone was dressed.  Pea coats, skirts, nice shoes.  I found all of this very impractical for the season and thought they should all get a nice all weather, waterproof coat to wear.  Probably from REI. 
Having never raised a child on the Other Washington, it is hard to compare one Washington to another. But there are moments when I am sure that I am a Seattle parent and this clip from Portlandia (which really should be Northwestia, because life in Seattle is pretty much the same as life depicted in this show) was definitely one of them.  

When a recent debate broke out at our day center over the appropriateness of “Super Hero Day”, not to mention next week’s vote as to whether the children will be taught Mandarin or Spanish, I was pretty sure that LC must be attending Shooting Stars preschool as well.



  1. I am beginning to feel an intervention is needed for Lila's sake. I even starting to sing “New York New York” as I type this.

  2. It is funny because as we travel all over the country 8 months out of the year, there definite differences with people who live in the Northwest and those who don't. And yes, I too have noticed clothing differences. {And yes, I prefer the outdoorsy, almost hippy quality of life in Washington state!)


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