Overwhelmed by Life

I am having one of those weeks/months when trying to get it all done is proving to be too much.  LC’s been sick, A and I have had cold symptoms for weeks, generally making everything more difficult to complete.  A is headed out of town again next week, which required reshuffling schedules and making this week a lot busier than anticipated.  We’re having work done on the house that we’ve been putting off for months but really needs to be complete.  All of this results in my having “worked from home” (or planning to do so) 5 out of 12 days. 

I’m very lucky to have a flexible job that allows me to work from home when I have a sick kid or have to supervise home repairs.  But being the one with the “flexible job” means you are the one who leaves in the middle of conference calls to pick up the baby from day care when she has a fever, the one who meets the contractor at home and who works from home almost 50% of the month of May. 

I feel pulled in many directions – to be a good mom and taking care of my daughter when she is sick, to be a good wife and pick up the slack when my husband’s career doesn’t allow him the same flexibility (or he forgets to mention an upcoming business trip), to be a good homemaker and manage the home repairs, dog walker, grocery shopping and lawn care.  But it is a lot.  And it is overwhelming. 

The big picture is by next Wednesday many of these distractions from our regular life will be done and we’ll be preparing to get away for a long weekend.  So for now I will focus on the short term-ness of this current stress, focus on climbing the hill in front of us and hope that the downhill on the other side is easy and relaxing.  And if climbing the hill currently in front of me requires a triple chocolate cupcake from Trophy Cupcakes, so be it.



  1. Hope your hills even out soon!!

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