Competitive Strategies

Every two years we all get struck with Olympic fever. I, myself, am more of a winter Olympics fan, but I enjoy the summer games as well. Swimming especially, having been a swimmer in a past life and of course, I am a big women’s basketball fan, with the large UConn representation. As many have complained about this year, it is difficult to avoid discovering the results of the’ competition prior to watching the televised coverage at night. So what has been your Olympic strategy these games?

I’ve been trying to avoid news – including staying off twitter and Facebook, no CNN or to check other scores. A and I were at a picnic last weekend when someone said “hey, how about that men’s swimming result today?”. A and I exclaimed “aggle flaggle klabble!” and stopped them before results could be revealed. But there have been missteps – A won’t stay off and often finds results. In avoiding social media, I filled the time reading my Google Reader and poof, results. A relaxing drive home with All Things Considered? No, sadly results with no spoiler warning.

The ironic thing is that yesterday, due to a day of travel, I avoided all results. We got into the Other Washington, arrived where we are staying, put LC to bed and I said, fire up the lady gymnasts! A had to tell me that at 12:15a, east coast time, the medal coverage was over for the night. To the Internets I went to find the results – I didn’t even see MacKayla’s vault. (are there too many letters in there?)

So what’s your strategy? Just finding out and then enjoying the coverage? Sticking your fingers in your ears at the name Phelps or the words pummel horse? Endlessly complaining about coverage on Twitter? ┬áNothing is foolproof or perfect, so I think we just need to enjoy it. Sure it would be great if I could watch the medal events (or even prelims and qualifying events) when I want with a guarantee of no spoilers, but I will just have to take what I can get -even if that means Twitter free days, women’s basketball at 4:30am on random stations and sometimes knowing who will touch the wall first in the 200m butterfly.



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