Emerald City Weather Woes

When people complain about the weather here in the Emerald City, it usually involves the lack of sun, drizzly conditions or general one season-ness of it all.  This is why people’s complaints over the past few days that our 80 degree sunny weather is too hot, too sunny and impossible to do anything in, really confuse me. 
Summer in Seattle does not always come for weeks at a time.  We take the days as we can, and hope that they can fall over a weekend.  Seldom humid, the warm days are lovely – warm, sunny and dry. Yes, it may be very warm – but it is August. I get that most of us Seattle-ites don’t have air conditioning, so a few days of warm weather can make ones home very warm, but it only lasts a few days.  I just can’t understand the people who were “happy to be at the office” on Thursday when temps were in the high 80s, because it was too hot to be anywhere else.  I could think of at least 5, probably closer to 10 places I would rather have been, enjoying the summer day.  Today people cheered that the weekend brought cooler temps in the 70s and even some clouds.  I was sad that our plans to go to the beach or splash park were called for chilliness.
I guess growing up on the East Coast, I’ve just grown accustomed to hot, humid summers with intermittent thunderstorms to break up the heat.  As we come to the end of our third summer here in Seattle, I may have come to expect cooler temps and less sunny days, but I just can’t understand those that complain when summer finally comes to town.



  1. I actually wrote an unpublished post on this same topic, only from the opposite perspective. I suffer from thyroid-related heat intolerance, so Seattle's typical weather is perfect for me. When the weather warms up, I have to deal with very negative physical symptoms, like migraines and nausea. It really sucks. I've always thought Seattle is a good place for me, because the majority of the weather fits me so well.
    On the flip side, I struggle to understand those people who complain during the majority of the year when the weather is cool, wet and gray. It makes me wonder if they forgot what city they live in, especially since these aren't people that only just moved here from a warmer climate; these are people that were born here and have lived here for 30+ years. It befuddles me.
    I can imagine, however, how moving from DC could make Seattle seem like a bunch of pansies. We are! :-) But personal temperature acclimatization is definitely a very valid thing.

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