Missing Pets

Yesterday we learned there is a 6 foot python loose in our neighborhood.  This is a concerning bit of information, though I am not entirely sure the Seattle PD is taking the threat seriously.

Officers investigating report that a 6 ft yellow python is loose in Ravenna park. If you see a snake, plz call 911! cc: @samuelljackson
— Seattle Police Dept. (@SeattlePD) August 13, 2012

Apparently the snake’s name is “Timid” and it looks like this. (Britney Spears not included in the Ravenna situation.)

Rest assured, there is good news to this story.

Pet Python on the loose in Seattle’s Ravenna park. Good news is – it’s recently eaten meal, so not roaming hungry. via @camjohnsonnwcn
— NorthWest Cable News (@NWCN) August 14, 2012

This situation made me look at the laws that would allow such a thing could happen.  In Seattle, you can own a snake as a “pet” so long as it is a) non-venomous and b) less than 8 feet long.  I guess at 8 feet things start getting real.

The snake itself seems to be having fun, “Timid” (his reported name), has not one but two twitter accounts already.

@timidthesnake IMPOSTER!There can be only one!
— Ravenna Park Python (@RavennaPkPython) August 14, 2012

  Earlier today powers that be stated they were not going to be searching the park for the snake because it was hunting a “needle in a haystack”.  I find this unlikely, what with a needle being about 3 inches long and this being a 6 foot python (and bright yellow at that).  While horrifically frightening that this giant, killing machine is roaming the streets (or at least the underbrush of Ravenna Park), it is a fairly amusing situation, which have provided plenty of twitter fodder.

The escaped python in Ravenna Park makes me feel like I’m living in a sad, Muggle version of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
— Colleen Toomey (@colleenptoomey) August 15, 2012

Here’s hoping the needle in the haystack turns up sooner rather than later and saves us all from this modern day Muggle nightmare.


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