Country Mouse, City Mouse

LC is a city girl.  There was a period of time that she was afraid of grass.  We’ve moved past that point now, but she is still very much a child who was born and being raised in a large city.  Which may be why she absolutely loved going to the Puyallup Fair and seeing all of the 4H livestock.

We’d never been to the Puyallup Fair before, but many people with similarly aged toddlers thought LC would enjoy it, so we loaded up the car with snacks and headed south.  Our first stop (ok second stop, the first was the restrooms because that’s what happens when you travel with a pregnant lady) was the cow barn.  Immediately LC was practically nose to nose with giant beef cattle, or as she calls them “moos”.  I don’t know that she’s ever seen a real cow – she has many books with cows in it, including her current favorite Little Blue Truck – but to see them in person?  We could have turned around and driven the hour back home at that point and it would have been a great day in LC’s book. On top of seeing cows, we visited the Piglet Palace, the horse barn, the goat and alpaca show area and the horse pavilion.  It is hard to say which one was LC’s favorite, I think it was hard to top the initial excitement that was discovering cows. (That and the pigs made scary noises.)

One disappointment was the long trek we took to get to the 4H Dog area.  This had been recommending by LC’s best friend’s family and we knew LC would LOVE seeing all the dogs.  (dog-goos)  However, after finally deciphering the fair map and A navigating us to the dog area, we found that Sunday was the dog’s day off.  Lucky for us, LC had no idea what we had been hunting for, so there was no sense of loss for her.  Even more lucky, behind the dog area was the petting zoo, so we were able to pet a rabbit, chicken, chicks, baby goats and a sheep.


At that point, concerned her little city mind could take no more livestock, we headed back to the gate for home.  A and LC watched a delightful trio of sisters who played Celtic music (and did Irish step dancing) while I purchased a caramel apple.  (There was lots of good fair food to be had, but we refrained.  Such inner strength.)  LC kicked back and enjoyed the show with some berries, before making it clear that all that livestock viewing makes a very sleepy toddler.  We headed home with our city mouse, happy and tired from her day in the country.



  1. I hope you got lots of pictures. Someday I hope we can take her to the UCONN Dairy Bar. Won’t she be surprised when she sees where ice cream comes from.

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