Making the Leap

This past weekend we had one of LC’s best friends from day care over, along with her family.  LC and her friend had a wonderful time playing together, they even had dinner together.  (We continue to relive the visit this week as LC points out certain things throughout the house to remind us of the fun she and “Mimi” had.)  A and I enjoy spending time with the parents of LC’s friend as well and have enjoyed having the opportunity to get together for the girls to hang out.  But we still remain friendly, day care parents whose children really enjoy playing with each other.  So, how do we make the leap to being actual friends?

It is an awkward, almost dating like relationship.  Do I reach out to “Mimi’s” mom and suggest we grab a drink?  Play it cool and just inquire if she knows of any book clubs looking for a new member?  Casually mention that A and I were hoping to try a new restaurant in their neighborhood and see if they bite at trying an “adults only” dinner out?  Like dating, I don’t want to assume that they enjoy our company as anything other than fellow day care parents.  Maybe they have enough friends.  Maybe they think Cal is not that adorable.  Maybe they think we let LC wear too much pink.  It’s hard to put yourself out there and then hope that they don’t awkwardly reject your advances – and then have to see them at day care drop off every morning.

For now, we’ll try to continue to make plans for the girls to get together, and hope that the more time we spend together, the more the friendship will develop on its own.  Maybe by the time the girls are in kindergarten, I’ll get the nerve up to ask if a mom’s night out for wine is of any interest.



  1. I still remember the time we wanted to get closer with one of your friends parents. We invited them to go on a picnic with us. They declined but we decided to go as a family. We got to the picnic place and guess who was there? Luckily they moved away a year later.

  2. I would just let it evolve. If its meant to happen it will. I’ve made some very good friends from the kids daycare, but it was a longer process than most.

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