Wet Enough?

As fall settles in here in the Emerald City, the rains have begun.  While nothing like our friends and family in the Other Washington (and north in CT/NJ/NY), we have had steady rain for two days and flooding in the streets today.  We still count ourselves lucky after looking at the photos of the damage “superstorm” Sandy left back east.

I’ve read so many touching stories over the past twenty-four hours of people’s selflessness to help others in need.  None touched me more than the story of the NICU nurses who helped to evacuate the NICU at NYU Hospital after their backup generator failed.  The nurses had to hand ventilate many of their smallest patients as they walked down nine flights of stairs in the dark.  LC’s stay in the NICU was short, but even the distance from my hospital room to the NICU in another wing, on another floor, of the hospital was far away.  I can’t imagine being one of the parents sent home to wait out the storm, and then having to hear that their babies were being evacuated.  I was so happy to read that everyone in the hospital was safely evacuated and even the littlest ones were doing well.

Another moving, but more adorable story is that of the aquarium handlers who spent the night in the New York Aquarium as it flooded to ensure that the orphan walrus pup remained safe through the storm.  Looking at this “little” guy, I don’t think I’d leave him by himself either, he’s just too cute.

My alma mater has not fared as well as this cutie, however.  While the campus of Fairfield University seems to have suffered only minor damage, the town itself and the beachfront homes where so many students make their home is devastated.  The photos of a place I called home, if even for a short (but so important) time are heart-wrenching and I hope that once the waters recede, the rebuilding can begin and the students can return to enjoying the rest of the their college year.  After all, #wearefairfield.



  1. Aunt Joan says:

    We are all slowly,some very slowly,returning to almost normal but some areas will probably never be the same.We had to close my outpt. surg.for the first time in my 32 years there.Reopened today and the few pts. who came for their procedures had many a horror story to tell.Very frightening and very sad.No Halloween this year[no trick or treat] too dangerous.Thank God we survived.

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