Pregnancy Paranoia

We reached a milestone in BE2’s pregnancy this week.  It is officially past the point in the pregnancy when I went on bedrest with LC.  34w2d yesterday and still no apparent complications.  We’re thankful that BE2 has been so healthy and that we’ve had a really “normal” pregnancy.  This doesn’t mean I don’t panic or worry with every kick, lack of kick, funny movement, odd feeling, or black cat that crosses my path.

This is our third pregnancy.  Our first ended tragically at 12 weeks.  Our second was filled with complications from early on and ended at 36weeks with a beautiful preemie baby girl.  This one has had no complications and it is making me more paranoid than I have ever been.  I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and something to happen – blood pressure to spike, preterm labor, well the list of possibilities is really endless (trust me I’ve googled it all).  So I’m trying to stay positive, focus on the last few weeks we have as a family of three (plus the furbabies) and this healthy pregnancy.  But stomach bugs, Braxton Hicks and other normal symptoms of a late third trimester pregnancy have me doubting myself everyday.

There are a million books written on the subject of pregnancy but none of them tell you how to relax.  None of them truly tell you how to tell when early contractions are just “your body practicing” or really preterm labor.  (Really, look at the descriptions of late third trimester and then look at the description of preterm labor.  They are surprisingly similar.)  The good news is there is only about 6 weeks left to freak out about every little symptom.  The bad news – I have six more weeks to panic about everything flitter, cramp and lack of appetite.  We’ll take the good with the bad, so long as the good results in a healthy (moderately sized) baby girl born at no less than 37 weeks.



  1. Matthew spent a month in the NICU, so I had that same panic with Molly. She ws born on her due date at noon. Good luck! It seems like she is staying in. Be prepared, full sizer hurts more than a premie. Ha ha ha.

  2. Rob was our third baby,we lived in Texas and famiy and friends in Ct.I am embrassed even today to say that I went to hospital in false labor and was sent home.And I was a nurse at that hospital.Did I get teased.When Rob was ready to make an appearance,the labor was text book and really easy.And he weighed 9’9!!!!You are doing great,and all will be perfect,I promise.

  3. You will know real Labor because it gets stronger and doesn’t go away. It is time for you to have an easy one. Everything is going to go fine.

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