Activity Points

As I discussed in my last post, I’m working to shed the baby weight, hopefully before returning to work in April.  A big part of this is trying to fit activity into my schedule – but with a 10 week old baby it can be hard.  I am not going to leave her at a gym day care because she is too young but I feel guilty hiring someone to watch her since I’m on unpaid leave.  We do a lot of walking – sometimes around Green Lake, sometimes around Target – to try to get out as well as tire the dog out.  However this morning I realized that our daily routine probably has more activity in it then I give myself credit.

– Lucy and I return to the house after dropping Lila at day care and A at work.  I carry Lucy in her (not so light) car seat into the house. Get Lucy out of her seat and onto her playmat.

– I’ve been planning the perfect breakfast sandwich in my head the entire way home from drop off duty, so I am excitedly gathering ingredients in the kitchen.  Lucy cries.

– Pick up Lucy, bounce, bounce, bounce.  Move her to her bouncy seat.  Move bouncy seat to the kitchen so she can see me.  Heat up pan for perfect fried egg.

– Lucy cries again.  Run back to her to give her pacifier.  She rejects it.  Spend 30 seconds bouncing to settle her down and place her back in the bouncy seat.  Crack egg into pan and place English muffin in the toaster.

– Lucy has now made it clear that she will not be ignored.  Pick her up and bounce, bounce, bounce while watching egg cook, arranging cheese on the English muffin, flipping egg and dishing out cantaloupe.

– Sit down with Lucy, sandwich and fruit.  Discover Lucy is sucking on my arm – the international infant sign for “FEED ME.”  Sigh, push plate away to feed Lucy.

– Finish feeding Lucy but realize I really need to pee before beginning to eat.  Get up, take food with me to hide from the pets in the microwave.  Take Lucy to the bathroom with me, rearrange toddler bathroom paraphernalia so that Lucy can hang on the bath mat while I pee.

– Back to the dining room.  Happy fed baby in the bouncy seat.  I sit down and open email, realize my food is still hidden from pets.  Back up to kitchen to grab food.

– Finally begin eating perfect sandwich when perfect over easy egg yolk breaks  all over my hand.  No napkins on the table, jump up to grab one and dash to make it back to the table before the pets grab my breakfast.

– Yum, finally fed.  Take a relaxing sip of coffee – wait, it’s cold.  Sigh, back to the microwave.



  1. Aw, I’d say you definitely have a lot of hidden exercise in that routine!

    • Washington Woman says:

      I certainly hope so! Hoping to keep seeing results even if I can’t make it to the gym just yet.

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