Space Needle!!

Lila is kind of obsessed with the Space Needle right now.  When we’re in the car she will ask “space needle?” until the tower is in sight and then the car is filled with her exclamations of joy “space needle!!”  The highlight of her morning each day is as we get cross the Ship Canal Bridge and the Space Needle fills the horizon. For all these reasons, we thought it would be fun to bring her to the Space Needle today.

space needle mar 2013

It did pretty much blow her mind.  From the minute we arrived at Seattle Center she was so excited to run to the Space Needle and wave to it as we approached.  She ran up the ramp and into the Space Needle lobby.  And then she was a little confused.  The idea of being inside the Space Needle was a little abstract for her to comprehend.  Onc ewe were there she kept asking to see the Space Needle.  We tried to explain that we were on top of it, but again it was a little bit too much for her to get.  I think she had fun and even Lucy got to take a peak at Seattle from up above.  

Also, we’re at a stage where we let Lila choose her own clothes.  Which results in that hat, that jacket, that dress, Abby Cadabby socks and pink shoes.  I take full credit for Lucy’s bunny hat.


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