Being Kind to Ourselves

As my absence on this blog may show, April has been pretty hectic around here.  Lucy started day care, I went back to work part time, we traveled to the Other Washington for a week and then returned to work full time (less than 12 hours after we returned to the Emerald City).  It has gone better than I thought it might, but it doesn’t mean it has been easy.

When we returned home at about 11pm on Tuesday night, I told A that we needed to just survive the rest of the week and we’d figure things out next week.  So that’s what we’ve been doing.  Disposables instead of cloth diapers to day care on Wednesday.  No suitcases unpacked, simply stuck in a corner of various rooms. Sometimes you just need to accept your limitations and know that it will get better tomorrow (or once the weekend gets here).

So as we continue to be kind to ourselves and slowly work back into a routine of two working parents, full time day care, pumping, laundry, the list goes on, just be kind to us too.  I’ll be back with tales of our trip back east, spring in the Emerald City and what being back to work with twice the children means to our family.


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