Just a Phase

After two plus years of parenting I’ve discovered that almost everything is just a phase.  This applies to both the good stuff – breastfeeding, sleepy newborn cuddles, kissing mommy’s boo boos – and the bad – pumping, temper tantrums, teething.  I try to repeat that to myself as we go through a sleepless phase or a particularly trying toddler week.  This too will pass.  What is happening now is simply what is happening now, it is not how things will be forever.

As summer rolls around I’ve been using this as my mantra to get through this phase of summer vacation envy.  With two small children (who need a lot of stuff), having just returned to work from four months of maternity leave, and some family things that required unexpected travel, there is no summer vacation for us.  I long  to go to the beach – be that local at the Oregon coast or a more exotic locale like Costa Rica (apparently the vacation spot du jour out here).  I want to take the kids to see the sights, to enjoy Disneyland, to see Europe.  I get frustrated when I realize how difficult that would be right now.  (Not to mention that a giant Mickey Mouse or any other character would horrify Lila and probably scar her and she wouldn’t want to go on any rides.  So really?  A giant waste of time and money.)  So I remember it is just a phase.  One day, sooner than I care to admit, the kids will be older. Capable of watching a movie and entertaining themselves on a plane.  Not needing two cribs, car seats, high chairs, tons of diapers, books and toys to make travel successful.  And when that day comes we will go to Costa Rica and Ireland and Disneyland.

For now, I try to treasure the phase we are in.  The one where a trip to the wading pool and the playground is the greatest trip Lila could ever imagine.  Paris can wait.




  1. We have a nice pack and play in our guest room we can bring to where you will be.Our 3 year olds have outgrown.Think about and let me know.

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