Sunday Funday

Sundays can be both our busiest and most relaxing day of the week. Saturdays are filled with classes, dog parks, play dates and date nights. We try to keep Sundays less scheduled when possible, but that still means a busy day. Church, walks for bagels, play ground trips, grocery shopping, and prep for the week ahead keeps us hopping.

Today was no different.  Nothing scheduled but lots to do, all working towards trying to make the week ahead just a little bit easier. A got diapers and bottles ready for tomorrow.  I made food for Lucy for all week (cherries, peaches, and avocado, in case you were wondering.) I made a yummy dinner with fresh ingredients from our CSA.

Best of all, the evening ended with a double bath and two very silly, clean girls. We may not have crossed off “summer must dos” today, but I’d call it a success regardless.



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