What Keeps Me Up at Night

The girls are having their photos taken on Friday. (By the amazing J. Shelton Photos.  Perhaps you recall these photos.  Or these.  Maybe these? Or seriously, baby Lila ones. Yeah, you can see why I’m excited for more photos.)  This means I stay up at night not enjoying Lucy returning to a semi-normal sleep schedule, but trying to figure out what the heck they will wear.  Matching? Coordinated? Favorite outfits? Can Lucy wear a hand me down or should it be something of her own.  The photo session theme is “back to school/fall” so should it be seasonally appropriate? Seriously, up all night with these thoughts.





I like this top for Lucy, maybe with some hipster skinny jeans?







Maybe something a little more girly like this one?






hide and sekk



Lila likes dresses and I think is cute.  It is reminiscent of owls so it might go with Lucy’s top if I went with owls, but I’m not sure Lila would be convinced to wear it. She does have her own sense of style.











This one is more casual but could be cute for the fall shoot.  Casual and fun, maybe both girls in different color hoodies with different pants  or even a skirt for Lila?  Similar without being too matchy matchy? Seattley and cute, without being cutesy? The more I think about it the more I think it might work . . . which means of course that Lila will refuse to wear it that morning.



I know they’ll be cute no matter what, but I want it to be really great. Setting expectations too high are a sure way to experience disappointment (especially with a two year old) but maybe a mommy daughter shopping date tomorrow will help Lila to buy into the special outfit.  That or she’ll throw a huge fit Friday morning and insist on wearing her second hand crazy print Hanna Andersson shirt and striped skirt.  And in a way that will capture Lila at this moment in time the best. (Honestly, even if that is true, I will not let that happen. Ever.)



  1. The hoodies with denim skirts and fun tights!

    • Washington Woman says:

      Ooo, I love that idea with the cute tights. Definitely hitting up Target to see if I can find something that will work, thanks!

  2. Christine says:

    I bought the grey sweater for HEM!

  3. Grandma Dede says:

    I know it may not look perfect but if you want to capture Lila at this moment in time, letting her pick out her own outfit would be the way to go. Grandpa loves it when she dresses like a 2 year old Seattle hippy.

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