Seeing is Believing

I cannot believe that Lucy turned one last Friday. It is almost impossible for me to believe that 12 months has gone by since she was this adorable cuddly bundle of baby.


I miss this little one, the way she snuggled and was warm and cooey.

But now we have this little one.


She is silly and quirky. She doesn’t walk but can get into just about everything. She doesn’t speak yet but is very expressive and makes sure she is heard. She can’t be convinced to do anything she does not want to do, but she will do anything that her big sister does first. She may not be as small and snuggly as she once was, but she is a cuddle bug who loves a good back rub.

So yeah, it is really hard to believe that 12 months have passed and this little one is one year old now, but seeing her and her huge personality makes it real. I miss my baby but I love one year old Lucy and I wouldn’t trade her giggles for anything.




  1. Hello Cecilia! I'm happy you finally received my little gift!!! You gave more value to those little nothing with your beautiful phos#t!!!I&o39;m happy to have a friend like you!!!Bonne soirée!Vale

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