Breastfeeding a Toddler (Yes, we still do that)

Contributor BadgeLucy toddles over to me on her chubby 19 month old legs and plops herself into my lap. She immediately rotates her body, props her feet up on my leg and reclines to look at me. “Milk?” she asks as she makes the sign. This is breastfeeding with a toddler – the ability to ask when she wants and clearly express her request. It also means she is not shy about it either. No cover-ups here and she is not afraid to stick her hand down my shirt if I don’t react quickly enough.

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  1. Bravo to you for doing what’s best for you and your baby! People are so quick to judge based on their personal experiences that we forget to realize that breastfeeding relationships are as unique as the mamas and babies involved in them. I, for one, had high hopes for extended breastfeeding, but due to a rocky start in an unsupportive NICU and an undiagnosed tongue tie, my LO and I struggled with breastfeeding. I EP’ed for six months, and then got her to latch for another three, but eventually hung up my hat when she was 9 months old. I hope that, if I ever have more kids, I can try, try again, and see how that goes. Thanks for speaking out on this issue! :)

    • Washington Woman says:

      Thanks for reading Natalie! You are right, everyone is different and has to make the choice to do what is best for them. This post helped me explore what the best choice for me is right now – and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to still nurse Lucy.

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