Enter the Plague

Our house has been a house of plague this past week. It’s had an odd run, managing to slow roll through the whole house and stretch out for more than a week.

It all started last Saturday when we went to the Seattle Children’s Museum for a birthday party. We’d never been and the girls were having a fantastic time exploring, pretending to shop, climbing stairs, being firemen. Lucy started to get a little fussy and wanted to be held. I tried to get her interested again, but it was clear she wasn’t feel well. Soon she felt feverish. We decided to go say happy birthday in the party room, try to get some food in Lucy and then head out a bit early. Lucy was uninterested in food. As the cake was bring brought to the birthday girl, Lucy began to cry for me, so I picked her up onto my lap. As the candle was placed in front of Josie to make a wish, Lucy vomited all over me. So happy birthday from us, Josie.

Lucy and I hung out the next day while A and Lila hit the beach with friends, ensuring her fever (that rose really high over night) came down. She seemed to feel better so we went to a splash park in the afternoon. All was well.

Enter Monday. Lila heads to school super happy that it is water day at school. The kids played in the sprinklers outside and had a blast. I stayed late at work that night, having a meeting after work. A was going to pick up the girls. So of course, at 5:15 when I am still at work and without a car, I get a call from day care that Lila has vomited everywhere. An impatient ride in an Uber and I met A at day care where a sad, very feverish little girl was. She woke up with a 104 fever in the middle of the night, and spent the rest of the night in our bed. I worked from home the next day, hoping Angelina Ballerina had healing powers. It seemed to, Lila returned to day care on Wednesday.

But then Thursday, A texted me from work at 2pm to let me know he had the chills and was lightheaded. High fever for him and a long night of discomfort. He worked from home Friday, waiting for his fever to go down. By Friday around 1pm, I was miserable. My body hurt, my throat hurt and I wanted to sleep. Home to bed I went.

Sadly, the version of the plague that A and I have contracted seems to be sticking around a little longer. No more fever, but we don’t feel great. Neither is sleeping well and my throat and ears are super painful. Even my sure-fire illness cure of egg drop soup and chicken and broccoli did not heal me last night. I’m drinking hot throat coat tea, despite the 90 degree temps outside.

Its been over a week and I really hope this icky summer illness clears out soon. It is never fun to be sick, but missing anytime in this amazing Seattle summer is really unfair. We missed a picnic yesterday and Lucy and I missed a beach day. Here’s hoping some sun and rest this weekend will rid of us of all these germs.



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