The Unofficial End of Summer

Sigh, it is Labor Day and so summer has ended. Or so they say.  The weather is turning. Lila starts preschool tomorrow. The unofficial end to summer certainly feels final and official. We’ve had a great summer. Vacations, beach trips, amazing weather. Looking back at our bucket list, I’d say we did pretty good.

Successful Seattle Summer with the Kids

Lucy Goose Beaching

Beach – check! We not only spent the 4th at the Oregon coast, we went on vacation on the Connecticut coast and then explored several Seattle beaches. We liked Golden Gardens for its sand and vista, Carkeek for its relaxing atmosphere and Lake Union for the many activities within the park, including a water front.

Splash Park – We only made it to one splash park, but the girls loved it. It was at Lake Union Park, which is close enough to go on a hot evening after work and also made for a great day adventure on the weekends.

Hike – OK, this depends on your definition of hike. We really had great plans to do a real PNW hike. But we got some kind of summer bug, nap times interfere with travel times, it just never worked out. So we went to Marymoor Park a couple times. Not really a hike as a long walk, but Cal came along and fun was had by all.

Baseball game – Yes! We went to two games of the Nationals series at the Mariners. Nats won two out of the three in the series (we saw one win, one loss). It was Lucy’s first game. We had beer, bbq and even Thai food. It was a ton of fun and I finally saw Stephen Strasburg pitch. (Steven Strasburg pitched his first MLB game when we were traveling across the country to move to Seattle. It was always sort of symbolic that he arrived as we left. It was like a piece of home we had to leave behind. So it was nostalgic to finally see him pitch.)

International Fountain – yeah, never made it there. If the weather holds, perhaps we’ll still have time to run around in its musical sprinkler fun.

Alki – After the hike, this is my biggest regret of the summer. I do hope that we can make it to West Seattle and explore Alki before the summer really ends. Early fall should be fine, even if it might not be sunbathing weather when we finally make it there. (It will still be Husky Deli ice cream weather, don’t you worry.)

Phinney Farmer’s Market – things moved too quickly this year and with the CSA we do in the summer, farmers’ markets just don’t make the top of our list. As with the other still “to dos,” we still have time. I have to be honest, I’m just not sure it will happen this year.

Beer Fest – We made it to Beer Fest. It was fun, as always, and it is great to go and remember how we feel in love with Seattle at Beer Fest 2006 on a glorious Seattle summer day. That said, I had a migraine most of the time and by the time I returned home I was sick for the next two days. It was worth it. (There was Space Dust. Space Dust is awesome.)

Seattle Summer: Baseball Fun with Natitude

Natitude in the Emerald City

So that’s the unofficial tally at the unofficial end of summer. We did ok making the most of this Seattle summer and I’m excited for our Seattle fall. Up next? The Fair, of course!


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