Working Smartly in the New Year

3596829214_93ddeb6cbf_z2015, amiright? The new year holds lots of possibilities, but also so many unknowns and things we want to do. We’re already planning for a busy year (at the moment mostly filled with preschooler birthday parties which seem to be the party of the season right now). With travel, potentially putting our house on the market, finding a new house, blogging, making sure Cal is fed three times a day, I need to find a way to say on task and focused this year.

Both in my volunteering work as well as at work I’ve been exposed to SMART goals, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. I’ve also seen other bloggers use their blogs as way to stay true to their goals and see what goals they reach each month. And with that, I suppose I’ve reached my first goal of the year – check in and continue to develop goals monthly.

My thought is to come up with categories now and work throughout the year on goals within those categories.

Categories for Goals for 2015:

– Family

– Health

– Personal

– Blogging

– Work

And with that, here are my SMART goals for January:

– Family – have one unscheduled afternoon a weekend for the girls to hang out and do what they choose and compete the January Subtraction Project.

– Health – complete the 5 day clean eating challenge and work out in some manner 3x/week.

– Personal – read one book this month. (Yes, really just one. My goal is 12 this year, which would be a sixfold increase over 2014. Baby steps).

– Blogging – complete blogging calendar and post 3x/week.

– Work – network with new contacts at the conference the end of this month.
So that’s it for now. Keep me accountable this year, readers. What are your goals for the new year? How will you stay motivated to follow through on them?




  1. Goals for this year are professional, personal and financial. I wanted to round them out and have them be more than about my physical health so they are compete in a figure bodybuilding competition (which I am training for right now), pay off a credit card, put more money in savings, volunteer more and work on some professional development. Good luck with yours. (*I am a BlogHer follower)

  2. Love the SMART goals! I’ve been working on my “official” list all week. Monthly goals are so ambitious, I’ll be lucky to stick with my yearly ones. Your fitness one sounds the hardest for this month. Good luck! Also same thing with the preschool birthday parties! I feel like I could almost list that as a hobby.

    1. run a half marathon in under 2 hours (not sure I can do that but we’ll see)
    2. be more patient at daycare pickup and bedtime. I just want to get home/go to bed so I rush the girls which makes everyone miserable so I’m going to allow for more time. Not very “M”easurable but still.
    3. start composting. Too many people have looked under my sink and asked where the compost bin is.
    4. do an unassisted pullup
    5. learn some cool hair styles for the girls. Youtube videos and practice needed. And by “cool” I mean even a decent french braid.

    • Washington Woman says:

      I love the french braid one, I feel like such a girl mom failure with my lack of hair skills. The daycare one really speaks to me. This is a challenge for me everyday. I’m so excited to see the girls and want to get home and be together as a family, and it takes sooooo long everyday, plus temper tantrums, missing mittens, etc. It is definitely a goal I want to keep in mind. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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