Living Life Vertically: An Update

Things we’ve learned in the past month or so:

  • Moving is a big undertaking
  • Moving with kids is a really big undertaking
  • Selling a home is stressful and busy and not easy and did I mention stressful?
  • You may not sleep for 2 weeks, but this too shall pass

We’re in the townhouse we’re renting for the summer and I’d say about 85% settled in. It is still an adjustment but we’re making it work. Every box that is going to be unpacked has been unpacked, the rest stored in the garage, not to be unpacked until we move to our next “real home.” And while we’re unpacked, there are still some things to be worked out – like where are the tissues or the Clorox wipes or the cutting boards. But, day to day, we’re doing just fine. Though living on four floors is a change. We’re hoping our butts look really good after climbing stairs all day this summer.

The house officially went on the market on Wednesday. (Wanna live in Seattle?) We’ve had a good response, but we won’t know anything for sure until Tuesday when we review offers (which we will hopefully have received by then). It’s hard to not obsess over every little thing and try to decide if a certain number of likes or “x-outs” mean anything. We’ve made it to the weekend with ballet and gymnastics classes, as well as basketball games to distract us.

That’s the brief update. Until Tuesday we’re pretty much living, breathing and sleeping the house sale. Trust me, we’re as tired about talking about it as everyone around us is┬átired of hearing about it. But it’s a big deal, a big undertaking and a big chance we took. So bear with us for a few more weeks, hopefully the next words you hear from us will be sold!




  1. Hope this is going well for you! Real estate is insane in Seattle right now. It’s been in the paper a lot lately (huge increase in median selling price between now and last year, possible caused by low inventory, etc). We have friends who’ve been trying to buy a house for a few months now and everytime they make an offer they are overbid. They’ve seen houses go for 150K over asking price! Is that why you decided to rent? To give yourself more time to find the next house?

    • Yes, the Seattle market is insane. We decided to rent because it is a sellers’ market right now and we wanted to take advantage of that to sell our house at the peak, but didn’t want to be rushed into buying a place we didn’t love just to have a place to live. Renting gives us some flexibility as we look around without the ticking clock of a closing chasing behind us.

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