A Washington Family


Meet me & A.  We just celebrated our “candy” anniversary – not sure what that says about six years of marriage except maybe it is super sweet (?).  We met at the wedding of mutual friends in South Bend, Indiana, so perhaps we have Touchdown Jesus to thank for our union.  Our romance was slightly un-traditional – years of long distance dating, followed by a year and a half of long distance marriage.  We made our first home just outside of Washington, DC in Alexandria, VA, before packing up the dog and the cat and heading west.




Lila – our sweet little bear who came into our lives during the second quarter of the 2011 Super Bowl.  Born tiny (and slightly yellow-ish) she taught us to expect the unexpected – and the last 2 years have not changed that.  Adorable, sweet, sensitive and always ready to read a good book (like say, Curious George) or watch some Dora, she ensures no two days are the same.  She constantly amazes us – often exhausts us as well.

 Lucy – if we thought one little girl was fun (and exhausting), we had no idea how fun (and utterly exhausting) two little girls would be. Lucy may look like her sister but they are very clearly different people. A very silly goose, Lucy hates to be left out of anything – and will crawl at record speed to be sure she doesn’t miss it. Sleeping isn’t her strong suit but her quick (and adorable) smile makes it hard to want to do anything but cuddle her. If watching Lila grow over the past two years has been surprising and incredible, I can’t wait o see where our two little girls bring us in the next 2 years.





B-Cat.  We go way back, B-Cat and me.  When I left Connecticut for the first time and moved to St. Louis for law school, I needed a  friend.  So I adopted B-Cat, a small, orange, noisy kitten from the St. Louis Humane Society.  When I met B-Cat for the first time, I asked the adoption people if all cats cried this much, and they assured that she was just nervous and would soon settle down.  It’s been 11 years and she has yet to “settle down”.  B-Cat has lots of opinions on many things and she absolutely hates to be fed late.




  Cal.  A very agile beagle, our Cal.  “Rescued” from a hunting pack in West Virginia, he came to live with us in Alexandria as a young pup.  He, like most puppies, was a little rough around the edges when he came home with us, but he’s a pretty good dog.  Cal loves his baby sister, running in the puppy park, eating cheese, eating hot dogs, chewing and sleeping.  Of all of our kids – fur and otherwise – Cal has the most reliable bedtime routine and rarely keeps us up past 8:30pm.