About Me

Hi! This is me, Lauren, a Washington Woman.  Not so long ago, I was examining what my blogging “niche” is. I felt I had no niche – and how could I be interesting with no niche?! A fellow blogger took a look and said, really, no niche? You’re totally a mommy blogger! When did that happen, I wondered?

Well, let’s go back to May, 2010 when my husband, A and I decided to follow our dreams of living on the West Coast, pack up the dog and cat and move to Seattle. We left Washington, DC in June 2010 and I started this blog as a way of keeping up with our friends and family in the “Other Washington” while we lived in this Washington – the Emerald City. June, 2010 brought lots of news for us – new jobs, new homes and, oh yeah, I was pregnant! Sweet Lila joined the Two Washingtons family in February 2011 and a mommy blogger was born with her. Come back by in December 2012 and Lucy joined the family. Twice the momma bloggin’ fun.

We talk about a lot of things here – American Idol, Patriots football, toddler sleep habits (or lack there of) Seattle goings-on, living a “long distance life” when everyone you love is 3000 miles away, beagles who love agility, orange cats, toddlers adventures in the Emerald City, babies who don’t sleep,diapers and sometimes I just whine about my day.

Thanks for coming by, stick around for a chat.  I feel I should offer you some coffee, perhaps something like a venti half caff skinny caramel macchiato?  (Totally Seattle, right?)