Things I Learned in Canada

To celebrate Lucy’s birthday (and Boxing Day of course) we headed to Vancouver for a few days. It was the girls’ first international trip and we avoided any major incident. Here’s a recap of things I learned in our time away.

1. If the border wait time is listed as 5 min, it will take at least 30. If the border wait time is listed as 45 minutes, get comfy.

2. Canadians are friendly. Like super friendly. We went to dinner at a relatively hip location and worried the owner was trying to convince us not to stay. I think we were just caught off guard by his concern. He sent appetizers and drinks out to us on the (cold) patio as we waited for seats. The front desk staff of the hotel sang happy birthday to Lucy as we headed out for the day and a random passerby on the street helped us find the cupcake shop so we could properly celebrate.

3. Baby belugas, despite what the song says, do not in fact swim wild and free. At least not at the Vancouver Aquarium.

4. The Vancouver Aquarium is a lovely place. Unless you want to use the bathroom with a toddler or change an infant’s diaper. Which is odd because of the make up of their guests.  IMG_00745

5. Vancouver has really great food. And Vancouver-ites like to eat this food very early. We arrived at our restaurant choices at 5pm each evening and encountered at least a 30 minute wait. Worth it at both places. (For the record, Vij’s – get the lamb popsicles- and Anton’s -get the olive bruschetta. Go, enjoy.)


6. We may be old and married with two kids, but we can still manage to negotiate a new city by bus, even without being able to depend on our phones to look everything up. We hiked through Stanley Park and still found the bus stop, made it back to the hotel and then navigated our way to the restaurant. (All with a baby on my back)

7. No matter how awesome an itinerary of a trip may be, nothing will compare to the hotel in a child’s eyes. Lila returned to day care on Monday and shared with everyone that she went to Canada, stayed at a hotel and slept in a big bed.



8. Olympic stuff is cool.

9. Tim Horton’s is overrated. And if you try to order donut holes, they will look at you strangely. Because apparently they call them Tim Bits. Which is weird.

10. A one year old will watch jellyfish for hours. And maybe try to eat them.



Rock Your Body Until Canada Day

I will fill you all in on my thrilling first day as Director of Regulatory Guidance shortly.  But for today, I invite you to celebrate Canada the best way I know how – by going to the mall.  Thanks Robin Sparkles.