Not the Baby Book Type

I’m not the baby book type.  I don’t scrapbook. I’m not very good at keeping track of the little milestones, unless I capture it in a tweet or instagram (which I guess is a kind of baby booking, hopefully.)  It is not that I don’t care, I just can’t prioritize these things at this point in my life. I worry because I don’t write monthly notes on the blog to the kids, or keep track of their favorite items du jour in some Pinterest created template that I will forget.  They are great kids with funny little quirks and I never want to forget any of them.  Just watching Lucy grow through phases that Lila has already passed, I realize how easy it is to forget those moments I thought I’d always recall.

So instead of beating myself up over the times that I haven’t recorded the darndest thing the kids have said or done, here’s some of the super fun things my girls currently do.

Lila is a little person with lots of personality and lots, lots, lots to say. She asks for “regully” milk (which is regular milk) and tells us she has “pee in my bladder” when she has to use the bathroom. She tells stories with beginnings, middle and ends. She loves her calendar and counting the days until the next special event – be it gymnastics or the “mountain choo choo”. She hugs and kisses and is becoming braver and braver everyday. And she loves her sister more than anything – waking Lucy up in the morning is Lila’s favorite thing to do and when Lucy is sad, Lila will tell her “don’t worry, I’ll keep you safe.”


Lucy may not speak words yet, but she is full of personality. It is clear that she’s realized that it will take a lot to keep up with Lila and she is more than ready for the challenge.  When she is happy, she has a giant open mouth smile that lights up her whole face. She is freer with her emotions than her sister – both being happier and ready to express it and becoming very sad when her mom or dad leave. When she is really excited, like when she is about to eat, she pants with her wide mouthed smile. She love solid food and puts everything in her mouth – be it avocado or a paper napkin. She doesn’t cuddle as much as her sister, but I think that she is simply too worried about missing something.  When she is done nursing, she is quick to wiggle and squirm to see turn around and see what she may have missed.  I think she will be much more adventurous than her sister – she shows no fear (and even pulls B-Cat’s tail, which you do at your own risk).


I’ve often feared my girls growing older but each year, month, day has shown me how much more awesome they can be and that sometimes I just need to stop and remember all the awesome things they do.

Sunday Funday

Sundays can be both our busiest and most relaxing day of the week. Saturdays are filled with classes, dog parks, play dates and date nights. We try to keep Sundays less scheduled when possible, but that still means a busy day. Church, walks for bagels, play ground trips, grocery shopping, and prep for the week ahead keeps us hopping.

Today was no different.  Nothing scheduled but lots to do, all working towards trying to make the week ahead just a little bit easier. A got diapers and bottles ready for tomorrow.  I made food for Lucy for all week (cherries, peaches, and avocado, in case you were wondering.) I made a yummy dinner with fresh ingredients from our CSA.

Best of all, the evening ended with a double bath and two very silly, clean girls. We may not have crossed off “summer must dos” today, but I’d call it a success regardless.


Do Overs

Tonight I was ready to write a post about how great this week of solo parenting had been going.  How we had it under control.  How I was the picture of working mother balanced with solo parent duties perfected.  And then today happened.  Lucy didn’t want to eat on schedule.  Work was a day filled with too many things added to the to do list and not enough time to do any of them.  (Did I mention I fell down in front of a twenty person staff meeting while trying to “sneak” away to the bathroom?  No?  Well that happened too.)  No time to pump, so not enough milk.  The bridge was up when I was already running late to the pediatrician’s appointment.  Lila didn’t nap at school so, well that was a two year old without a nap.

Tonight was not my finest parenting hour as I dealt with hungry children, fussy cats, potty training trials, smelly trash cans and toddler melt downs.  In the end I just had to put Lila to bed as she melted down.  No bedtime routine was soothing her and honestly?  I just couldn’t deal anymore.  I needed her to be asleep.  So I did that.  I tucked her in, I told her I loved her and that she would feel better in the morning and left the room.

It wasn’t my finest parenting hour but no child was injured.  I didn’t hit anyone (or any pets).  I didn’t drive the children while drunk. (Or get drunk at all, even if I really just wanted a very large glass of beer.)  I made a semi-nutritious dinner (which may have been rejected by a toddler).  I washed the bottles for tomorrow.

It wasn’t my finest parenting hour, but tomorrow I will get to try again.  Try again to have more patience.  Try again to cross things off my list.  Try again to write a blog post on our successes this week.  Try again to stay on schedule.  Try again to show the girls how much I love them.  And for tonight, the ability to be able to try again tomorrow is one of the few comforts I have.  (That and American Idol.  Long live Idol.)

Spoiling Mother’s Day

Being a mom ain’t easy.  For instance, you have to remember to not use words like “ain’t” in front of your children so they don’t grow up using improper grammar.  Then there are the nap time meltdowns (like the one I’m listening to over the baby monitor right now) or an infant’s insistence that she become a worse sleeper with time.  But regardless of what my twitter account says, I love my girls more than anything in the world and I can’t imagine NOT being a mother.  (OK I can, it involves a lot of sleeping and fancy dining.  Even trips to the movies.  Knitting.  I digress.  I’m sure that would all be horribly dull.)

Mother’s Day is definitely a perk of being a mom.  From handmade cards from day care to random people at the coffee shop wishing you a happy one, it is a day filled with an acknowledgement that all of the above is a difficult job and people know that.  A went above and beyond himself this year and completely spoiled me with an incredible Mother’s Day weekend. 

Friday night he casually inquired as to what the current seasonal drink at Starbucks was right now and if that is what I drink.  (When I informed him I don’t like frappucinos, he had to not so casually ask what I would order if I were to go to Starbucks on a Saturday morning).  So Saturday morning he sneaked off (bright and early thanks to Lucy’s current no sleep policy) and brought home a delicious venti skinny caramel macchiato AND a mcgriddle. Nothing says true love like a mcgriddle.

Soon after, I was whisked off to a “stress reliever” massage, with lots of delightful lavender essential oils and a really great working out of the kinks.  From there my royal carriage took me off for a sushi lunch – though we decided to rework our plans when we saw the brew pub across the street from the sushi restaurant.  It was having an IPA brunch, was filled with families and had lots of open doors and windows to let the sun in.  It was just what we needed.

As if all of this wasn’t enough (which it totally was), when I sat down to nurse Lucy, I opened my email to discover one last message from A stating he had booked me a hotel room for next weekend.  He heads out of town tomorrow, so I’m solo parenting for the week.  When he returns, I get to go have night to myself – with a king size bed, a bathtub, a hotel bar, a kindle with a half read Storm of Swords and a full season of Parks and Recreation.  At first I felt guilty leaving the kids and A as soon as he came home, but now thinking about it, I’m pretty gosh darn excited.

Mother’s Day is definitely a great day for mom’s to be appreciated but it is also a great time to thanks those who help make us the moms that we are – A, my mom, my friends (in all Washingtons and other locales) and Tami Taylor (of course).  I wouldn’t be the mom I am without all of them, so as I enjoy a glass of wine in my bathtub next weekend, I raise my glass to all of you.


March, March, March, Now We’re Marching All Around

In the immortal words of Dora, we did it!

This weekend we walked in our third Puget Sound March for Babies!  Team LC was one more strong this year as Lucy joined the crew and Seattle brought her best effort with incredible weather.  It was almost hot!


As our team is one larger this year, we may have moved a little slower.  Especially up that last hill.  A may have decided to “forge ahead” with Cal – leaving me with Lucy strapped to my chest and Lila in the jogging stroller “marching” up the hill to the finish line.  The first year we marched little Lila was, well, little.  Last year she was a little bigger and I was pregnant.  But this year we definitely at the most baggage.  But adorable baggage. 


 It was a great walk, a great time spent together (even if I was sick and Lucy was up almost the entire night before and we were all crank-y pants) and most importantly it was a great time to reflect on how lucky we are that Lila is a healthy, funny, wonderful preemie who loves puppies, Elmo, socks, popsicles and the Space Needle.


It’s not too late to support our team – help us beat our goal for this year! 

Can We Trademark That?

As Lila progresses from being a toddler to being a pre-preschooler, her vocabulary has exploded.  She uses sentences and words we didn’t even realize she knew.  For instance, tonight she broke the head off of her Honey Bunny cracker and became upset when we couldn’t help her “reattach” it.  It took us about 5 minutes to figure out what she was saying because I expected “blue cat” to be more likely than “reattach.”   Her long sentences amaze us as well as she tells us stories about her day – like “My mommy bought me sunscreen so I can go outside.”  I don’t know why but I assumed potty training would come before complete sentences, so I am constantly amazed by the things she says everyday.

As all toddler/pre-preschoolers do, Lila also repeats things.  A lot.  Sometimes it is a story – like the time she tripped over Obi on the playground at school or that Daddy’s phone was broken so he had to buy a new phone (this is told every time she sees A’s phone), but other times it is just a phrase.  One such phrase as become her catch phrase.  Ask Lila almost anything and you are very likely to hear the response “That’s so silly.”  (This includes the time she tripped over Obi on the playground.)  She delivers it in a delightfully ridiculous voice and has an adorable scrunched up face to match.

While “that’s so silly” is not her most impressive sentence or word usage to date, it is probably the one we enjoy hearing the most.  It makes her seem like a toddler star on some new Disney Channel show, complete with laugh track and twin Lila’s playing the role of the adorable younger sister who delivers her signature line on cue as the other characters encounter ridiculous shenanigans each week.  That’s so silly.


PS – Don’t be silly and miss supporting LC’s Team in this weekend’s March for Babies!  Follow the link and help us reach our goal before we step off on Saturday.  This is our third walk with our very healthy (and silly) preemie – help us celebrate!

Stepping Out for Babies

It’s that time of year again.  When we lace up our sneakers, pump up the BOB tires and throw the leash on Cal and hit the streets to raise money and awareness for prematurity with the March of Dimes March for Babies.

Lila’s story is one most readers of the blog are familiar with.  I had a fairly normal pregnancy through 34 weeks when I suddenly developed very high blood pressure.  Two weeks of hospitalized bed rest, 19 ultrasounds, and one labor induction later and our tiny little miracle was born.  Lila’s entrance into the world was not how we expected, but it is the story that brought her to us and made us a family.  The March of Dimes walk each year gives us an opportunity to celebrate the relative lack of complications Lila had and how wonderful our family has become.  It is also a time for us to honor the “butterflies” for the families who were not as lucky as we were and who lost their premature babies.  This hit home this year as my law school classmate Jen delivered premature twins and her daughter Ava died hours after delivery.  (Happily her son Sam is doing great after almost 4 months in the NICU at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.)

We’ve been very successful raising funds in the past years for the Puget Sound March for Babies and we’re asking for your support again this year.  Join us as we celebrate how far Lila has come since her premature birth, to help families who are faced with similar (or worse) situations and to honor those who are now butterflies among us.

Please join us in supporting LC’s team for the Puget Sound March for Babies – the most Seattle type donation you could make is to simply donate a latte to the cause.  If we all gave up one latte in support of ending premature births, imagine how many babies we could help!  Thanks, in advance, for all the help I know you will give to this great cause!


Wordless Wednesday


As Easy As. . .

As the weather continues to improve, we’ve been trying to have Lila play outside more on the weekends.  Not that we ever kept her cooped up inside, but we try to make sure she gets at least 15 minutes of good outside time in each day.  (During the week she goes outside for an hour a day with her day care class – rain or shine.  Seattle kids are tough.)  We’ve realized that like beagles, toddlers do better with a chance to expend their energy.  Expecting either a beagle or a toddler to sit nicely at, or by, the dinner table when they have not had a chance to get some fresh air that day is just a lesson in frustration.

In an effort to get outside, we bought Lila a new bike.  It’s still a little big on her, but she loves it and is having a great time going fast on it.  I think she’s pretty cute in her helmet too.



We’re still working on how to pedal – we spend a lot of time saying, “push with this foot!  Now the other!  No, not yet, keep pushing with the first and then the second.”  This is probably not the best way to teach such a thing to a toddler, but she is enjoying herself anyway. I am sure the skill will develop with time (quicker than we expect, most likely) and then it will be just like riding a bike. 

Space Needle!!

Lila is kind of obsessed with the Space Needle right now.  When we’re in the car she will ask “space needle?” until the tower is in sight and then the car is filled with her exclamations of joy “space needle!!”  The highlight of her morning each day is as we get cross the Ship Canal Bridge and the Space Needle fills the horizon. For all these reasons, we thought it would be fun to bring her to the Space Needle today.

space needle mar 2013

It did pretty much blow her mind.  From the minute we arrived at Seattle Center she was so excited to run to the Space Needle and wave to it as we approached.  She ran up the ramp and into the Space Needle lobby.  And then she was a little confused.  The idea of being inside the Space Needle was a little abstract for her to comprehend.  Onc ewe were there she kept asking to see the Space Needle.  We tried to explain that we were on top of it, but again it was a little bit too much for her to get.  I think she had fun and even Lucy got to take a peak at Seattle from up above.  

Also, we’re at a stage where we let Lila choose her own clothes.  Which results in that hat, that jacket, that dress, Abby Cadabby socks and pink shoes.  I take full credit for Lucy’s bunny hat.