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Check out my and other working mom’s holiday wish lists on Liberating Working Moms today!  I’d say we all have pretty good taste.


What to Get the Working Mom in Your Life

The Week That Was

Unrelated Adorable Photo

Unrelated Adorable Photo

While it has been quiet here on Two Washingtons, we’ve been keeping it real throughout the internets.

Over at Liberating Working Moms, we started the week sharing our real life admissions and realizing that while moms may sometimes feel like everyone but them has their lives together, the truth is we all order Papa John’s for dinner every once in a while.

At, I shared my “mom hack” with some of my other favorite working moms. Mine? Pre-buying birthday gifts to have one hand. My most recent pre-acquisition were these Melissa & Doug Play House! Reusable Sticker Pad when they were buy 2 get 1 free.

Lastly, I was proud to be part of Teaching Sam and Scout’s 31 Days of Working Moms. Take a look my interview, as well as the other amazing moms who made up the month long post.

It’s been a busy week, but I’ll be back here to share more soon!

Becoming More Interesting

I attended an event the other night called Women with Impact. It focused on women in the community who had made an impact in different areas – business, civic and community service. One woman, currently mayor of Bainbridge Island, spoke about when her children were younger and one asked her not to go out to another meeting. Her daughter piped up and told her brother that by attending these meetings “mommy would be so much more interesting.”

This story rang true to me as earlier that evening as I prepared to head out to the event, Lucy cried “no meeting, Momma. Momma stay.” It’s heartbreaking to hear such things, but I knew I would enjoy the evening out (and I did). Getting out, meeting new people and being inspired by others are just a few of the reasons I choose to participate in community groups, even if it does mean the occasional evening away from my family.

Read more about why I joined some of these groups and why I think it is important for me to do it at Liberating Working Moms


Pumpin’ Ain’t Easy

Pumping Through the Baby's First YearOver at Liberating Working Moms we’ve been talking about pumping at work – come check it out as several contributors (including me!) talks about what we did to make pumping work for the first year.

The Dreaded Phone Call: Dealing with Sick Days

Dealing with Sick Days

Sad sick Lucy Goose

I keep my cell phone on my desk at work. Its ring interrupts my thoughts and with the exception of my husband’s personal ringtone, I often find the ringing jolting. Glancing at the phone, recognizing the number as one from my daycare center is always concerning. The calls usually go like this:

“Hi Lauren, this is Miss So and So from your daughter’s day care. Your daughter is fine, but she has a high temperature and needs to be picked up.”

While I’m thankful that it is not a true emergency, the call still causes me to jump into action.


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Trying to Find More Hours in the Day

On Facebook last week, a fellow working mom posted the Business Week article Work-Life Balance: Late Nights at Home Now Common. I almost laughed out loud as I read the first paragraph because it fit me (and my husband) to a tee:

This productivity is great! But I feel so, so tired. Like I should be under the covers instead of checking off my endless to-do list. That’s because it’s bedtime, 11 p.m., and I’m home in my striped pajamas.

Flexible work schedules are great and with the continued technological advances, easier to come by. Just in the past week, a flexible work schedule and modern technology allowed me to respond to an urgent email while at the doctor’s office with my daughter, work from home on the virtual portal while waiting on a repairman, and dictate emails through my phone while sitting in traffic on the way to daycare. But with the ability to have this kind of flexibility, should it be expected that employees are constantly online?

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Breastfeeding a Toddler (Yes, we still do that)

Contributor BadgeLucy toddles over to me on her chubby 19 month old legs and plops herself into my lap. She immediately rotates her body, props her feet up on my leg and reclines to look at me. “Milk?” she asks as she makes the sign. This is breastfeeding with a toddler – the ability to ask when she wants and clearly express her request. It also means she is not shy about it either. No cover-ups here and she is not afraid to stick her hand down my shirt if I don’t react quickly enough.

Read the rest of the post over at Liberating Working Moms, where I am now a contributing writer! Catch up on some of the amazing posts on the site and explore the redesign that just launched yesterday!