My Favorite Things: Ebates

Like any busy person, I’m always looking for ways to make my life easier. While I can often be overly distracted by the lure of online shopping, it is also the only way I can ensure our house has what we need. From cat food to toddler applesauce to paper towels, I have it all come to me. I can’t recall the last time I went clothes shopping in a real store, for me or the girls. (I probably keep A stocked with hoodies from Target, so his clothes aren’t always bought online).

With all this shopping I do on a weekly basis to keep our house running, being able to make a few extra dollars while doing these things I need isn’t a bad thing.  So when my friend Ronya introduced me to, I was pretty happy. offers small amounts on cash back on certain online purchases. It’s not going to help you get rich. But when I did the monthly order of cat food and applesauce, I earned $3.03 back. Again, I’m not sending the girls to college on this money, but if these are things I would buy anyways – why not get a enough money for a cupcake out of the deal? is pretty simple, once you start the habit. You need to start your shopping trip at Ebates. I rarely remember to go there first, but hopefully jump over to the site before I check out. Search to see if the online store is offering cash back and then click through. Once you’ve clicked through, you’ll automatically earn the cash back on any purchases made on the site. (As you can see in this picture, they may also feature coupons or deals currently going on.) How Helps Me Make $$ While Buying Cat Sand

Life is hard enough. Little things like makes me happy and I’m able to reward myself with an extra soy latte after finding new rain boots for the girls. It works for me, hopefully it can be a help for you as well. Try it out and let me know what you spend your extra dollars on!

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8 More Books Please!

8 More Books Please! Our Favorite Toddler Books Sure, Lila loves to read, but Lucy is becoming quite the reader. It is not uncommon for us to be making dinner in the evening and notice Lucy isn’t in the living room. We’ll find her in the play room, surrounded by a giant pile of books, quietly “reading” to herself. It is not surprising, since birth Lucy has heard us reading to Lila.

Just as Lila has her favorites, Lucy very much does too. What is interesting to us is that her books of choice are very different from what Lila liked at her age. It is fun to see what their individual taste leads them to enjoy reading and fun to celebrate their freedom to choose whatever books they want.

Just a few books Lucy would recommend you (or your favorite toddler) check out:

Ladybug Girl at the Beach – Ladybug Girl is above and beyond Lucy’s favorite book series. Ladybug Girl has a trusty sidekick, her dog Bingo, who bears a resemblance to a certain lovable beagle. Ladybug Girl’s real name is Lulu, which happens to be Lucy’s nickname at daycare. There are many books in the series, including a set of board books. Lucy’s current favorite is Ladybug Girl Says Good Night , in which Lula requests “8 more books please!” before bed. Lucy can barely make it through the line without giggling hysterically.

Curious George and the Birthday Surprise – Lucy has a thing for monkeys. I think that’s pretty common for toddlers. Her lovie is a monkey name RuRu, but she loves Curious George too. She likes to point out the Man with the Yellow Hat and read about his crazy adventures – like when he invited all the dogs into the house to eat the frosting. 8 More Books Please! Our Favorite Toddler Books

Baby Einstein Alphabooks – These books don’t have much plot. Ok, they have no plot. They are 26 books, one for each letter with 3 words and pictures for each letter. I have little patience for reading these books but A is really good about reading them to Lucy. They talk about recognizing the letter, the words, other things that start with that letter. I have no doubt that it really helps with learning to read and knowing the alphabet. (Lucy can sing her ABCs, in adorable toddler speak.) So I highly recommend these books for helping with pre-reading skills. Just be sure you have someone like A to do the alphabet training with your toddler.

Hands Are Not for Hitting (Board Book) (Best Behavior Series) – So this is a weird one but Lucy LOVES it. We bought it after Lucy was born and while going through some big sister adjustment, Lila had a hitting phase. Lucy loves it, she loves to imitate what the kids in the book are doing (waving hello, brushing their teeth, etc) and one of her favorite people’s name appears in the book which makes her very happy. There is a whole series of these books (Teeth are Not for Biting, Tails are Not for Pulling) and we’ve never read the others, but I imagine they may be just as enjoyable.

Toddler books can be exhausting, but we’ve manage to find a good number of books that we can all enjoy. Have you had good luck with toddler books? Any tales of books to avoid so you don’t pull your hair out while reading it for the seventeenth time in a row?


8 More Books Please! Our Favorite Toddler Books


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Learning to Love to Read

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The Freedom to Read

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September 21-17 marks Banned Books Week. I’ve never really understood the idea behind banning books. To me, encouraging reading is encouraging reading. I mean, I’m not reading Fifty Shades of Gray to Lila at bedtime, but when the time comes, I don’t expect I’ll be telling my kids can’t read books. But Fifty Shades of […]

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Recipe for Seattle Fall

This weather in Seattle has been a bit nutsy. Our summer has been so beautiful that I am hesitant to tell you because then everyone will flock here and the traffic will be even worse. Warm, sunny and hanging on. We’re expecting highs in the 80s this weekend and while I enjoy it, it is […]

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Seattle Fall: Dressing the Part

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Making a Date

I know what all the blogs, parenting magazines and other “experts” say about dating your spouse after kids. It’s necessary. It’s important. It makes a difference. I get that. They’re right. I mean, I was probably able to complete about 4 sentences to A all day today. Small children are not great for conversation. Or […]

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The Dreaded Phone Call: Dealing with Sick Days

Dealing with Sick Days

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Seattle Fall: Do the Puyallup

Seattle Fall: Do the Puyallup

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Another Season, Another Letter to My Bear and Goose

A Letter to My Bear and Goose - Our 4th Football Season as a Family

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