Pumpkin Patches Are Overrated (There, I said it.)

In today’s social media age, you can watch the seasons progress in photos featured on Facebook and Instagram. Summer features adorable children on the beach, then back to school on the front steps with back ups and now, we’re in the pumpkin patch season of the year. (This will soon be followed by Halloween costume photos and crying children on Santa’s lap photo season.) As is our constitutional duty, we took our kids to the pumpkin patch last weekend.

Pumpkin Patches Just May Be Overrated

Pumpkin Patches Just May Be Overrated

It was an unseasonably warm day, about 70 degrees out. It was muddy. It was crowded. And honestly? It was way overrated. We drove about an hour, stuck in pumpkin patch traffic, to get there. There was advertised as being games, pumpkin patches, animals, food. There was a rabbit. Who looked horrified. And one large muddy field with some pumpkins, which Lucy was pretty horrified to walk through.

Lucy Says Pumpkin Patches are Overrated

Lucy Says Pumpkin Patches are Overrated

Lila enjoyed exploring, but I feel like we could have had the same type of experience by letting them run around the dog park, going to a playground and then picking up pumpkins at the grocery. Pumpkins are cool, pumpkin patches? Not so much.

Pumpkins are Cooler than Pumpkin Patches

Pumpkins are Cool

So Photogenic




Lila and Lucy, can you give each other a hug?Image 1

Guys, look at the camera!Image 2

Can you just stand next to each other?

Image 5

Girls, look at momma and smile!

Image 9

Say “we love momma!”

Image 8

Whatever, just eat your bunny grahams.



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My Favorite Things: Cosmic Kids Yoga

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South Seattle Family Friendly Brewery Tours

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Nailed It

I am not crafty.

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Pumping Through the Baby's First Year

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