Working It Out

I have no rhythm. Ask A. Before Lila was born we took an infant CPR class. When performing infant CPR you are told to sing “Stayin’ Alive” and provide CPR on the beats. This provides the correct number of compressions per minute for infants. So we had to practice while listening to the song and I was incapable of staying on beat and providing the compressions are the right time. No rhythm.

This is why my recent habit of going to zumba class is a bit of a surprise. I have no rhythm, I don’t like dancing in front of others or you know, trying to dance in front of others. But I really enjoy the classes. I enjoy the music, I enjoy the relative anonymity of going to class and being able to do my thing in the back row and no one notices. Not only have the classes been helpful as I try to lose weight, but it has really helped my mental state. It can seem stressful to get everything together and get out the door in time for class but I always feel so much better at the end. My anxiety is less. I’m so focused on trying to figure out what the heck I am supposed to be doing with my arms or my feet, let alone my hands and feet together, that I can’t run through my mental to do list or focus on all the things being neglected while I’m at class. Yoga may be a great physical workout but for me, that quiet time lets me get too into my own head and never has the desired effect. But zumba? Loud music, flashing lights and choreographed dances that I only kinda know how to do? That seems to be the key right now and lets me eat that cookie at 2pm when I just can’t make myself write another contract without some chocolate.  (Also, when I attend David’s more latin dance zumba on Tuesdays, I like to think I’m paying homage to my Willimantic roots.) So while zumba classes may mean a few less chores are completed or emails sent in the evening, it does mean that I feel better, I hopefully start to look better and maybe, just maybe, I’ll learn some rhythm.


Like a Lion

Tap, tap. Is this thing on?  Oh, hello. Stopping by after a month of, you know, doing stuff. February was an overly stuffed short month and sped by in a blur. So what’s been happening around here?

- Lucy walks. And she insists on walking everywhere, adding at least five minutes to our travel times. It’s adorable though and allows her to play her favorite game of running towards you to give you a hug, then at the last minute turning around and giggling as she runs away from you. She also loves jackets. Getting ready to go makes her so happy.

- Lucy also talks. She says daddy, Lila, Calhoun, water, more and thank you. A claims she says momma but I’ve yet to hear. I’m pretty sure she’s using it as a weapon in one year old emotional warfare.

- Lila started ballet class. It’s as delightful as you would guess it would be. Tonight while “practicing” after dinner, she had to stretch off first because “if I get hurt, I can’t dance.” A budding professional indeed.

A and I are busy with the boring things that go into running a house filled with two kids and two pets plus holding down two very demanding jobs. We’ve been on the sickness merry go round all winter, though it seems to be thankfully slowing. Rest assured Cal remains unbothered by all of this, though he is ready for the rainy season to end so we can return to the dog park with less mud.

So that’s the short recap of the last 28 or so days. Here’s hoping March is a little less hectic, a little healthier, a little less rainy and leaves a little more time for things like blogging, dog parks and practicing how to say momma.


Throwback Thursday

Exnicios family visit Jan 2014 023

As you may have heard, this past Super Bowl Sunday was a pretty big deal in Seattle. Not being a Seahawks fan, it hasn’t been all that exciting for us, but maybe we’re biased. After all, our favorite Seattle Super Bowl Sunday came a few years earlier when this little one entered our life in […]

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Things I Learned in Canada


To celebrate Lucy’s birthday (and Boxing Day of course) we headed to Vancouver for a few days. It was the girls’ first international trip and we avoided any major incident. Here’s a recap of things I learned in our time away. 1. If the border wait time is listed as 5 min, it will take […]

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Seeing is Believing


I cannot believe that Lucy turned one last Friday. It is almost impossible for me to believe that 12 months has gone by since she was this adorable cuddly bundle of baby. I miss this little one, the way she snuggled and was warm and cooey. But now we have this little one. She is […]

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Wrapped Up with a Bow


Christmas has come and gone in a blur of toddler antics and balls of crumpled wrapping paper. It was a ton of fun to have an almost three year old who “got” it this year. By “got it” I of course mean she was able to be in full on give me all the presents […]

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My Heart is Full

I never envisioned myself as a girl mom. I always saw myself with four boys, who played soccer and football and did boy things.  Maybe this is because I grew up with brothers, maybe it is because I don’t consider myself very girly. Maybe it is because the whole Disney princess thing makes me break […]

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Reaching the Peak


You guys, December has just flown by. Like Concorde speed flew by. Even though I tried to be more relaxed this year (what with the whole not 40 weeks pregnant thing), I still found the whole holiday thing stressful. But by this weekend, I felt like I had reached the peak and the worst was […]

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Traveling Close to Home


Part of getting the house decorated for Christmas is taking stock of all of the items stowed away from the previous year. As we pulled out the boxes from the closet last weekend, I was looking at all of our ornaments. Our family tradition has been to purchase an ornament from our vacation each year. […]

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Horrifying Holidays

This holiday season is different than those in the past because Lila is really beginning to understand the holidays. We went to the Seattle Macy’s holiday parade, she likes the decorations in the neighborhood and she loves to play with her Fisher Price nativity set (baby Jesus is a pretty big deal in our house). […]

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